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Daily Poll Suggestion thread 2

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  • Daily Poll Suggestion thread 2

    Here's another suggestion thread since I'll be gone a while.

    If any stuff happens while I'm gone that you think will make a good poll that's the most interesting thing to me. Of course suggest whatever you want or even better turn your idea into your own poll.
    I'm crawling deeper and deeper into backlog hell. Also I stream on dlive:

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    Current gen vs previous gens, which do you play most on? i.e. Xbox One, PS4, Switch vs older. If you're a PC gamer then you decide what current gen means (could mean games released in the past 3 years vs older).


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      RPG setting you like the most: fantasy vs sci fi vs horror vs steampunk vs modern day vs ???


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        RPG play style you like the most: turn based vs action vs ???. Need more choices here


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          Have you ever played a board game in video game form?


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            Have you ever been so angry about a video game that you physically smashed something, controller, keyboard, etc?


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              Some Poll Ideas part 2:

              )> If a developer of a game was a subject of controversy, does it deserve a second chance if he/she returns to fix his/her mistakes?
              [ Since we keep seeing developers make mistakes, quick example: the creators of No man sky, they returned or keep trying to fix their game. Some people have forgive them. ]

              )> Do you use videogame wallpapers on your phone or pc?
              [ Silly question. ]

              )> How many times have you replayed your most favorite videogame from start to finish?
              [ 1 - 5 times, 5 - 10 times, 10 - 20 times, 20 - 50 times. ]

              )> What videogame genera do you wish to see return or get the attention it deserves?
              [ Quick example: rts games, we need more rts games. xD ]

              )> Do you like videogame memes?
              [ I am curious. ]

              )> What is your favorite videogame streaming platform?
              [ Mixer, twitch, other. ]

              )> What is your favorite videogame potion?
              [ Healing potions, Haste potions, Revive potions, Strength potion, Poison potions, etc. ]

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