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Retro/Classic Games That Haven't Aged Well?

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    Super Mario Bros. (NES)
    The original game for the NES. I used to love it, but it controls really, really poorly. I was also very surprised at how difficult it is. I've beaten a lot of challenging NES games (Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden II, Mega Man, Mega Man 2, etc.) and I'd put it up there with some of the hardest. Maybe not top 10 hardest, but at least top 20.

    Karate Champ (NES)
    The game is really clunky and doesn't work very well.

    Mega Man (NES)
    The game had some really clunky and unfair moments. I'm down for hard games, but it just didn't feel fair, at times. Mega Man 2 aged much better.

    Donkey Kong 64 (N64)
    Despite being a collect-a-thon, it got tedious having to go through the levels so many times. Personally, I still enjoy it, but one could argue it's a flaw

    Harvest Moon 64 (N64)
    The game aged really well in my opinion and I still enjoy it as one of my favorite games, but its missing a lot of features and conveniences of modern Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games that, for some people, it may not have aged well.

    Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (PC)
    I was really young when I played it and loved it as a kid, but I tried it out more recently for kicks and it's hot garbage, now.

    Morrowind (PC)
    Again, another one of my favorite games and I still think it aged just fine, but there are likely people out there that are so accustomed to the modern conveniences of newer Elder Scrolls titles that they might be put off by it and think it didn't age well.

    Oblivion (PC)
    The game is extremely buggy and not only looks like garbage, but isn't nearly as impressive as everyone seems to think


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      Oooh I have to disagree with Morrowind... The level up system was so much fun, especially once your jump was enough to roof jump... the modern ones have some benefits from updated tech, but far more restricting in other aspects. I still play my morrowing on pc.

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      Oh, I absolutely agree; I love it to pieces and it's one of my favorite games of all time to this day. It doesn't get old to me and it's easily the best TES game in my opinion. To me, it's timeless. However, I feel like, to people more familiar with the newer games, it probably hasn't aged well in comparison. It's missing a lot of newer features and conveniences that have become more standard because of Oblivion and Skyrim.

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    Medal of Honor (PS2)
    I still remember playing the Normandie Landing and I thought that it was the epitome of WWII recreation on a video game... But wow... today I can't get over how terrible to aiming is...

    WarCraft 1 and 2 (PC)
    for the sole reason of low unit selection... WC1 you could only select them one at a time...!!!!WC2 was an improvement, but any actions other than scouting would require multiple selections (and time) StarCraft wasn't as bad, 12 units was enough for scouting and smaller skirmishes, so I omitted it (but it did contribute to why I hated playing Zerg).

    Dragon Quest (NES)
    I played my cousins copy to death when I was a wee lad. It was such a new concept for me (jrpg) and I was enthralled by it... Nowadays though, single monster encounters, no party members, super high encounter rate all make it more tedious than fun.
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      Ghosts and Goblins: I don't think I even enjoyed this game back in the day. Today, it's almost unplayable.

      Dragon Warrior: Don't get me wrong. I still love it and still play the shit out of it, but there are some decisions it made that are just really fucked up. Forcing you to only be able to save at the castle and then dragging you all the way back to the castle when you die. If the world were larger, this might make the game unplayable, but as it stands, it's just barely tolerable because the world is nice and small.

      Resident Evil: Director's Cut: This might not be very fair, considering I wouldn't say the game is actually worse than we thought, but rather it's actually fallen into the category of so bad it's good. The controls are alright and the inventory system is still pretty inspired even by today's standards. Still, I feel like even then, there were games with better graphics, and oh my lord and lady, that voice acting! Did I say this game didn't age well? I meant that it aged amazingly!

      GoldenEye 64: Oh, jeez this game looks terrible by modern standards. You know, even back then, it didn't look very good. When you compare it to other contemporary titles such as Shadows of the Empire, or Conker's Bad Fur Day, you can't help but wonder why on Earth they would use such terrible character sprites for a movie franchise game. The gameplay isn't too hot, either. You know, the previous games on this list had charm, but I honestly cannot see what people ever liked in this game.

      Altered Beast: I'm gonna get jumped over this one, but seriously, when this game came out, I thought it was the coolest shit ever, but today, you know. The graphics are still amazing, and the art is still beautiful, but the gameplay is so slow. Attacks are so sluggish. This game is so bland and basic.

      Final Fantasy: The first one. Yeah, this game has its pros. It's still worth playing today. Still, I think this game would have been more appealing to me than Dragon Warrior if I'd played it then, but today, Dragon Warrior is still more fun. This game, I feel like I'm just wandering aimlessly. It's nice for a JRPG to give you freedom, but please give us some clue as to what we're supposed to be doing beyond what was in the intro screen.


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        I have to agree with you on Resident Evil. Even the new updated version needs the RE2 treatment, I just cannot bring myself to actually beat the game or play for more than an hour and lose all interest.
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        Slowmow Nah, man, Perfect Dark was a fantastic game. It was worlds better than GoldenEye 64. I'd say Perfect Dark saw the flaws in GoldenEye and corrected them for its own title. The character sprites are in the same style, but they're better rendered. When say gameplay, I'm not talking about controls. I'm talking about everything else. Controls are tight in both games (though I do feel that Perfect Dark has better shooting). My issue with gameplay is that in GoldenEye 64, you cannot figure out what to do. If in the first fifteen minutes of a level, I'm consulting a website on 1996 AOL dialup to figure out what I'm missing, the game's not worth my time, and that's what I constantly ran into with GoldenEye 64. Did not rent again. Perfect Dark, on the other hand, I played the shit out of. It's like an old priestess I used to tune for told me. It's not the tools that define something. It's what the owner of those tools does with them, and I feel that GoldenEye and Perfect Dark are good examples of two different games made using the same engine, and one being worlds above and beyond the other.

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        @piantom - I agree in everything you said lol... I prefer Perfect Dark over Golden Eye, I still own and play the original version of Perfect Dark. I was just thinking about how well they both play with key+mouse. I even booted up Shadow Warrior last week (after getting my nostalgia fire going with Duke Nukem) and it plays still plays excellent as well, with the mouse. I was just pointing out that a lot of FPS games were held back by crappy controls.

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      Sort of related to this topic, but a lot of arcade games haven't aged well.

      I played this new indie game 198X. It's an homage to retro games. Unfortunately, it's kind of a throwback to everything BAD about retro games i.e. arcade games. The beat 'em up section for example, rather than play like something with sublime gameplay i.e. Streets of Rage 2, it opts to instead play like those shitty, cheap as fuck, arcade, quarter munchers like the original Final Fight. It's buggy too. I got knocked down and suddenly was on the other side of the guy who hit me. Then there's these cheap fucks with baseball bats who can hit you from like half a screen away, and like every other enemy, don't even need to be on the same horizontal plane as you to hit you. Just poorly designed, cheap crap. I like challenging games, not cheap ones, which is why I hate a lot of arcade games. Disappointing.


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        Ahh... those were the days... I sucked at the beat em ups... Punisher and Cadalacs and Dinosaurs were staple arcade games back home. I could never beat them with a single coin.

        I did master Metal slug though. I was the first in the arcade to beat it with one coin...

        Wow... I am old...

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      I loved Syphon Filter on PS1. Tried playing it some years ago and it sucked. Don't know how others feel about that game in particular.


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        God, I loved that game back in the day....... Syphon Filter 2 was even better imho. I vaguely remember playing the third one some years later on PS3- it was available on PS store, but my god it felt like crap -_-

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      Originally posted by L3F20XX View Post
      I loved Syphon Filter on PS1. Tried playing it some years ago and it sucked. Don't know how others feel about that game in particular.
      I used to love that game as a kid and I played it a little under a year ago and it did feel kinda bad and janky.


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        Thinking back to the original Tomb Raider games makes me cringe at how bad they actually played...... Clunky, awkward controls mainly to blame for that.


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          I can arguably say that most 80s and early 90s flight sims are borderline unplayable.


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            Most anything 3D >1997

            This is why I greatly favor sprites. I can play any SNES and even PS1 sprite based games and they're still visually appealing.


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              Sonic's transition to 3D didn't age well as Super Mario. I liked Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 a lot back then, but decades later, I really can't say I enjoy them as much. The controls don't work for 3D sonic. Having to count for 360 degrees of movement at high speeds just don't work that well.


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                Neverwinter Nights... Love it, still play it... but even the enhanced edition looks like a dog's breakfast.


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                  I'd say most games havent aged well, that it is rare to find ones that have stood the test of time and no for nostalgia purposes.
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