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I need help finding a game!

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  • I need help finding a game!

    So several years back, around 2010, I would go to my grandma's house to play flash games on her home computer. There was one game that I was never good enough to beat as a kid and I would like to play it now and see if I have a chance. I don't remember the name of the game and that is what I need your help with. The game started up with a devil like character telling you, the main character, to get to work with a curse or two. Then you get into the actual game play. The game was tower defense. Each round would have you dig your way into a cave in the side of a mountain. Placing traps and monsters, for example spike traps, skeletons and goblins. After you were satisfied by the map you have made you would leave a small sum of money at the entrance of the cave to attract adventurers into your cave. thank you for any help.

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    Not sure about the flash game part,but the game sounds awfully alot like Dungeon Keeper. IDK, but that may help give you an idea what to search around for similar games online.
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      I was looking today and I found a game that is very similar. Its called Dungeon Defender, This game has a lot of the same characters and mechanics, but it isn't the right game. It has premade maps when the game I am looking for doesn't and lacks cutscenes for the battles. I hope someone else has some more insight on the topic, I am not giving up.


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        I am also looking for it, and I have found it, now the game has a modded apk games for android free download version, you can download it at vadetech to enjoy and recall your memories.


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