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    I don't really collect anything physical, well except I got almost the entire catalogue of one gaming magazine. But that is more due to the fact that I used to read it, so I got every issue from 1994 till around 2002 when the magazine changed owners and name, and the old staff got fired. It's roughly 200 issues. But I haven't even touched them since I moved into my current house in 2006.

    I wouldn't dare call it a collection yet, but I started purchasing Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series Lego Sets. So far I only have three, a B-Wing, an X-Wing, and a Y-Wing. I wish they would make an A-wing so I'd have a full set of flyable ships from the original X-Wing game.

    I used to collect music videos. In the electronic / trance music genre. I religiously watched and recorded every club rotation on every sunday. (Club rotation was a weekly dance music magazine that aired on German music television VIVA. between 1998 and 2004) Ah the nineties / early 2000s.

    I also recorded electronic music from the German version of MTV2 POP, which aired ODC40 (official dance charts). Plus for a short while I even had access to MTV Dance, a special paid version of MTV, which showed exclusively dance music clips around the clock.

    Of course had I recorded everything I'd have thousands of clips, but I only kept what I liked at the time. I used to record the entire shows on VHS, then use a VIVO card to transfer the clips I wanted to digital. I still have around 300 music clips from between 1998-2003. I lost some to CD failures. Those old writeable discs were very unreliable. Especially when I lent them to my friends who never returned them

    What you think that's weird? You haven't heard the half of it yet. I also used to record female bodybuilding and fitness competitions. That actually made it onto cable TV back in those days. In fact it was a pretty regular feature on Eurosport, until the early 2000s. I don't know what got me hooked, but I remember watching them on TV as far back when I was 10years old. And it wasn't a passing fad either, I still prefer women with plenty of muscle. I still laugh at people who say women with muscles are "manly".
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      >I got almost the entire catalogue of one gaming magazine.

      Love it, wish I had the foresight to save my EGMs, NPs and others but as a kid you don't get it. What mag did you get? I know I could figure it out due to your info but meh I'd rather have a talk than a bing search lol

      Also on the legos, I'm old enough to be a dad so I get my fair share of sets. I build with the kids then throw it with the instructions in a ziplock of appropriate size. I end up with what I think are the best saved after the kids are done but I make sure to buy sets of blocks and small or discounted sets that i let them build then they throw them in 5 gallon buckets so they have classic blocks and odds and ends. Pretty good system. After my youngest is older I hope to rebuild all the best sets with the kids and let them display on a shelf and the rest go in the buckets for whatever they want lol

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    Not much
    -Megadrive / Genesis
    -BigBox PC
    i also have few ps1,ps2 and Dreamcast games but they are not something i would say i collect


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      saturn is the one system i own ZERO games for but its the one I always wanted the most. I see more Sega CD/32X games at thrift and pawn that any kind of saturn stuff

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    no, seriously:
    Hi Guys and Gals, first post here. Haven't really been on any forum/board for a long time but reading through this thread reawakened something in me..

    My only "worthy" collection is probably about 100 or so PS1 titles (PAL) that I bought between '96 and 2000 (I bought the PS2 as soon as it came out so kind of stopped buying for PS1 after that).
    I wasn't buying with the intention of "collecting", it was just to play the games.. I have a lot less for PS2 and even less for PS3 and 4.

    More recently I've started buying SNES cartridges (also PAL) and I'm bidding on the occasional GameBoy game on ebay in hopes to increase my small 20-game collection from my youth (nostalgia more than anything). I never owned a SNES but absolutely love that system and its classic games.

    Other than games, I used to buy many Manga but the only series I have completed is Dragon Ball's 42-tankobon set.
    I also had a big collection of Official UK Playstation Magazine but my mum chucked them all in the bin.

    Recently started buying Vinyls, mainly Prog/Rock from the 70s, but the only "complete set" I'm interested in owning is all Rush vinyls and possibly all Genesis vinyls.


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      I've got some Rush vinyl but not all of them. At first I thought your avatar photo was the cover of 2112, but I looked it up and it isn't. Is that from the liner or the back cover?

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      I've really gotten into Gameboy/Nintendo Handheld collecting through Ebay. I've bought some repros on some rare ones that I mark so there is no confrusion, just nice to own something I love but to expensive to buy. But with real games, it's a goldmine, doesn't take much money and you can piece together a nice little collection of nintendo odds and ends. GB classic is probably my most neglected system but I have been expanding since I grew up playing Lock N Chase and Links Awakening so I have some nostalgia... But I gotta day DS/3DS is a pure golden age when it comes to systems and games. Can't recommend collecting them enough, cheap and alotta quality.

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    Crazy this thread is still going! Love it!

    I know in my OP I didn't list my collection but maybe I commented it... Either way here is 80% of my games (not systems):

    Not just to show off but I am getting to a point where I want to start trading up for games I really like. If I have anything someone may like (within reason) I would love a copy of any of the Aerobiz games for SNES.

    Ya know.. on that note We should have a swapmeet board for people to arrange trades, I think that would be pretty awesome.


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      I don't often have enough to afford physical copies of games and usually can only afford to get digital games on Steam through sales. However, I have a lot of different consoles I, currently, collect for such as,
      • NES
      • SNES
      • Sega Genesis
      • Sega Dreamcast
      • Nintendo 64
      • Game Cube
      • Xbox
      • Xbox 360
      • PS1
      • PS2
      • Wii U
      • Switch
      • PC
      and handhelds like,
      • Gameboy
      • Gameboy Color
      • Gameboy Advance
      • DS
      • 3DS
      • PSP
      but most of my games are on Steam (my library is a little over 600 or so right now, if I remember correctly).

      One thing I try to collect is physical copies of my favorite games -- especially special edition versions if I can find them. Another thing I like to collect, even though I only have a few, are strategy guides, especially those for the SNES, PS1, and N64 for some of my favorite games. I'd like to also collect some other older retro consoles, in the future, especially the slightly to very obscure Japanese consoles and personal computers like the PC-Engine, PC-FX, X68000, PC-98, etc.

      My goal is to one day have,
      1. At least one CIB console -- mostly the "standard" versions rather than variants -- for most consoles from the 3rd generation of consoles onward (there's lots I don't care about such as the Commodore CDTV for instance) for display and one for actually gaming on
      2. For my absolute favorite consoles (e.g. N64, SNES, etc.) have the various different CIB console versions, controller versions, etc.
      3. For my absolute favorite consoles, have most, if not all of, their libraries complete (it would probably end up being having a partially complete PS1 and SNES library and a complete N64 library since, while there may only be a few dozen N64 games I'd collect that I wouldn't want to play if I finished its library, there would likely be hundreds of PS1 games that I wouldn't want to play if I collected the entire library)
      4. For my favorite games, have mint versions for display and spares for playing
      5. For my absolute favorite games or ones that I can find or afford, obtain the special edition versions
      6. For my favorite games, get the strategy guides, maybe some figures, and some other types of merch
      7. Obtaining a Sony PVM -- preferably a BVM -- CRT
      8. Building my own arcade unit
      9. I'd also like to collect old Nintendo Power issues, as well.
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