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Killing Floor Summer Update 2019 Is Here!

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  • Killing Floor Summer Update 2019 Is Here!

    If you have never played Killing Floor, now it's a good time cause their special events are always so much fun.

    For now the summer event this time around it's called 'Back & Kicking Brass' with the return of the Circus Zeds on a Steam punk environment, new weapons, more carnage as always, lots of gorey fun.

    Here is the trailer.

    Can't wait for the Halloween & X-mass events. They are also fun.
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    Will there ever be part 3?
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    • Necromancerx69
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      I am pretty sure they will make part 3 once they stop milking part 2.
      Killing Floor has always been one of Tripwire Interactive most sold games, next to Red Orchestra.
      If not, they will make something similar or diferent.