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What Hope Does Mixer Have of Ever Competing Against Twitch and YouTube?

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  • What Hope Does Mixer Have of Ever Competing Against Twitch and YouTube?

    Mixer is firmly at the back of the pack in the streaming industry, but recent and future events could signal a positive change for the platform's fortunes.

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    I don't care about streamers but I don't see why not as twitch apparently is not such a marvelous platform anyway (YouTube is a different platform not to be compared)


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      I don't watch streamers so I don't really care. I heard some big Fortnite Streamer named Ninja is supposedly signing a deal with Mixer. Mixer is Microsoft's version of Twitch. I don't see how that will help Mixer much cause IMO Fortnite will be on it's way out soon. It's a fad and won't be around forever.

      But if anyone has any hopes of ever competing with Twitch and taking them down then they will have to be better than Twitch and it will take time. Twitch didn't just pop up over night. I remember back when I first heard about twitch and it was marketed as a streaming site for gamers. That was years ago. Then a few years ago I started hearing about Twitch skanks and their tit shows and body painting. It sounds like they don't have the courage to just be cam girls. But whatever, I don't use either one. Why some young guy or teenager would want to sit around and pay some moderately attractive girl to let them see a little bit of cleavage is beyond me. I mean the internet is full of free porn and has been for well over a decade now.

      I guess Mixer won't have the Twitch THOT's. It doesn't matter cause people will just keep multiple tabs open. Their favorite Twitch streamer that signed a deal with MS and is now on Mixer and their favorite Twitch skank. Maybe one day Twitch will be known as a site for softcore cam girls. lol


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        Mixer need to get some big events to get me to watch it more frequently. Counterstrike, Startcraft and WOW Arena competitions etc. At the moment I use Mixer and D-Live mainly to watch big UFC matches and F1 grand prix. Whenever there is a big fight or race you'll always find streamers pretending to play UFC2019 or F1:2019 while actually streaming the live event.


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          If they focus on gaming and events, I could see them doing well.


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            And now Reddit is planning to launch its own streaming platform. (I'm not sure if I can post link here)

            It is getting more interesting. I guess, soon we'll have a situation similar to cable sports channles: they are all basically the same, but on one you can watch football, on the second you can watch hockey and there's a tennis on the other one


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              Twitch is oversaturated at the moment, the fact there is a million billion people competing for someone's time is a bit daunting.
              YouTube is incredibly disorganised, it's difficult to find people unless you're already aware of the person you're probably subscribed to.
              I don't see Mixer as a bad thing, I obviously don't wanna see 346723894752678 diff stream services but 4/5 is a good number.
              DLive is also in the mix, and the guy above says Reddit is also joining the mix. So that'll be 5 major players. That's a decent number. It's difficult to discover genuinely good streamers on Twitch as it is now without EVERYONE being on Twitch. I get it's annoying having to make multiple accounts, but yeah...pros and cons I guess. I'm personally warming up to Dlive & Mixer