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Schell Games CEO Says VR's Future is 'Looking Bright

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  • Schell Games CEO Says VR's Future is 'Looking Bright

    According to Jesse Schell, acclaimed author and CEO, VR gaming in 2020 is likely to see significant positive growth, driven by big titles like Half-Life: Alyx.

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    I bet people will be mostly disappointed with alyx and vr will go down the hole again


    • Dub-Z
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      You could be right. Half-Life expectations not being met could become the dominant story over how neat a VR game it might be.

    • Inkedsleeve
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      Do people realize Half-Life Alyx will only be playable on a currently $750 piece of hardware? I have no interest in the game until VR becomes affordable and I am not cheap when it comes to PC gaming. But VR is basically a console in my opinion and anything over $500 is going to price 90% of people or even more. I honestly, have no interest in basically playing a Kinect game with a TV attached to my face though because that is all this game is and will be. Its what any VR game will be for a while, and that is not a knock on it, Kinect style can be fun (I badly want to play Beat Saber, RE7 and Subnautica in VR.) I know there are cheaper options but I'm not buying anything Mark Zuckerberg approves of, Sony's doesn't work with PC and I buy all multi-platform games on PC and well I <3 Steam. But I not for anything over $500 and even at $500 I wouldn't buy it to play 3 games, there still too much uncertainty in the platforms longevity for me to take the plunge yet.

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    I would like VR to be more than just a gimmick, but I don't think it'll happen for another few years.
    They need to invent the punch proof monitor and light bulb first, once that is out of the way then they can really move forward with VR.


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      I think VR and AR are going to push niche studios and some big studios to R&D the software, but I think the hardware surrounding it is going to be the lynchpin. As the hardware evolves, in my opinion, the company that can capitalize on hardware design and function will dictate the market until there’s another innovation. I like AR as well, because I think AR hardware can be refined to as simple as a pair of glasses in which you can interact with the real world with elements of digital mediums. Not to get too off topic, but I think AR will be innovative for the wider commercial industry more so than gaming. If doctors, general contractors, real estate agents, board room meetings etc. utilized AR with industry specific software to show homes, blue prints and schematics of homes/buildings for construction on the lot, a live render of the insides of the patient on the operating table before the first incision is made, or simple Kingsman esq digital boardroom meetings, AR will become more versatile than VR.

      Regarding gaming though, I think VR is more specialized in world immersion and should be designed to essentially “not be there” or not get in the way of the immersion. IMO the company that can design and refine VR hardware and software in a manner that the player notices the peripherals the least, that company will be the go to.


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        That's funny cause I just heard Sony is closing the VR part of their company. It sounds like VR is dying.


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          Originally posted by Balta666 View Post
          I bet people will be mostly disappointed with alyx and vr will go down the hole again
          Half-Life: Alyx has an overwhelmingly positive Steam review score of 98% at 10,115 reviews!

          So I guess that's pretty good for VR. Now that thousands of players got a new VR headset to play this (Valve Index was sold out for several weeks and after resupply got sold out again in one day. People even loaded their Steam wallet with 1000$ in preparation to more quickly buy it when it becomes available!), they will be hungry for more VR once they're finished with it. So that's good for all VR devs.


          • Balta666
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            Definitely I am surprised but to be fair valve has a good track record. Although still niche alyx is getting it to many homes for sure.

            But to be fair for each person that bought the systems and game there are 1000 watching streams of it (either because they couldn't get it, because they don't have the money for it or because they don't want to buy/play vr)

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          VR is gimmick garbage. I have no interest. That's what I want to do. Have to walk in place like a moron while I play a game.


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            My son has been into VR from early on.
            Since the mid 90's he's climbed into any VR rig, big or small, you might find at a State Fair, arcade or any venue that had one.
            He got an Oculus VR DK2 as soon as it was available.
            He tells me that he's been in VR so often that motion sickness isn't a problem.
            He plays using a Microsoft Mixed Reality rig (He ordered and payed for the controllers (approx $70). Everything else was included with the controllers. Gratis.) and plans on buying an Idex as soon as he gets the money to pay for it.

            @ Balta666 My son thinks Alyx is a good game and will play it more when he finishes Doom Eternal.

            Originally posted by Cuzin_Ed View Post
            . . . Have to walk in place like a moron while I play a game.
            So VR is second nature for you.

            tl/dr Some folks like and enjoy VR, some folks don't and some haven't got s clue.

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