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  • Revisit rainy Los Angeles with the return of the classic Blade Runner

    It remains one of the best adventure games of all time, yet due to the lack of a digital version, Blade Runner from Westwood Studios slowly faded into oblivion for years. Until now. Thanks to the hard work of devoted fans and GOG.COM, the game is making a big comeback on modern PCs.

    Los Angeles. November, 2019

    The original Blade Runner movie from 1982 is without a doubt an all-time sci-fi classic. It took director Ridley Scott over two years and a lot of trouble to make the film based on Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. The final result was breathtaking. Syd Mead’s futuristic design, a score composed by Vangelis, and performances from actors Harrison Ford, Sean Young, and Rutger Hauer all combined to make the film a timeless masterpiece.

    Police detective Rick Deckard’s hunt for android replicants posing as human beings was viewed by some as a sci-fi version of a noir crime story. But at the same time, the film’s plot reflected contemporary concerns about the quick development of computers and artificial intelligence. For the rising number of video gamers, those same concerns were actually what made Blade Runner a symbol of the new digital era.

    Memories! You’re talking about memories!

    The first Blade Runner game adaptation was released on the ZX Spectrum in 1985. It didn’t get much attention, but as they say - the first pancake is always spoiled. The release of the film’s director’s cut in 1992 renewed people’s interest in making a new, proper video game adaptation. By that time, the initiative even had legal representation - called the Blade Runner Partnership. One question remained, however - who would accept the challenge of adapting such a cult movie?

    The Blade Runner Partnership approached a few companies, like Sierra and Electronic Arts, on this project, but they all declined. Finally, after much searching, it was Virgin Interactive which decided to undertake the task. One of the reasons behind the decision was a successful business relationship with Westwood Studios. If anyone could make a magnificent Blade Runner video game happen, it had to be the studio behind Lands of Lore and the Command & Conquer series.

    I didn’t know how long we’d have together. Who does?

    Even considering all of Virgin and Westwood’s assets, making a game on such a cinematic scale as the Blade Runner title proved to be a huge undertaking. Obstacles arose even before the actual work started. For example, securing all of the rights to the Blade Runner franchise took several years by itself. In the end, the creators side-stepped some legal issues by declaring they were making a game set in the Blade Runner universe, not the actual film’s adaptation.

    Of course, the game would have to address Ridley Scott’s film in some way. That’s why the Blade Runner video game story, written by David Yorkin and David Leary, runs parallel to the movie’s plot. Blade Runner’s hero, an LA detective named Ray McCoy, conducts his investigation on missing replicants at the same time as Rick Deckard - their paths even cross from time to time, albeit never directly. The idea was to create a 3D real-time adventure game, in which the story progresses according to the gamer’s choices, resulting in many different endings.

    To increase the near-cinematic experience, some of the actors from the original 1982 film like Sean Young and James Hong were hired as voice actors. Although Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford didn’t take part in the game project, Blade Runner heavily borrowed from the movie’s aesthetic design and music. For example, original concept art created by Syd Mead was used in the game’s design and Westwood’s main composer Frank Klepacki (author of the famous Hell March from C&C Red Alert) based his score on earlier work from Vangelis.

    I want more life

    All legal and writing issues were nothing in comparison to the technical challenges that Blade Runner developers faced. The game’s main director and lead artist, Louis Castle, admitted in one of the later interviews that due to the lack of a suitable engine, the whole game had to be made from scratch. And creating a futuristic, noir atmosphere of Los Angeles AD 2019 was not something that developers could achieve by half-measures.

    To meet fans’ high expectations, Westwood programmers introduced a few innovative solutions. For example, instead of using polygons to create characters, they decided to use so-called voxel technology. This enabled them to give characters a more realistic, detailed look. Moreover, designers used additional hidden graphic layers on every location, so that the character’s appearance could be affected by light, shadows, and smoke.

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe

    The game’s ambitious scale came with a price. Formerly mentioned Louis Castle assumed that the studio would have to sell at least 300,000 copies to break even, a sum which remains formidable even today. Luckily, when it was time for the game’s premiere, Castle’s predictions came true and then blew past those numbers. From the time of its release in November 1997 Blade Runner has sold over 800,000 copies worldwide. It was also met with universal critical acclaim, winning the Interactive Achievement Award for Computer Adventure Game of the Year.

    There was the talk of a potential sequel, but the idea was abandoned after Virgin Interactive estimated that it would need a huge sum of 35 million dollars to be produced. Furthermore, the demise of Westwood Studios’ in 2003 dashed any hopes for a digital version of the game. It remained available only in the original four-CD version which was not compatible with modern computers. To make matters even more complicated, the original game code was lost during one of Westwood Studios’s moves.

    You’ve done a man’s job, sir. I guess you’re through, huh?

    Like they say - where there’s a will, there’s a way. Restoring the Blade Runner video game to its former glory required one useful tool and loads of passion for retro games. The first one came in a form of ScummVM program, previously used to emulate classic LucasArts adventure games, which currently supports many classic games available on GOG.COM. The passion came from the programmers who spend around 8 years dissecting the code from Blade Runner’s original CDs and then painstakingly putting it together again to form the digital version.

    Thanks to their hard work and the joint effort of Alcon Interactive Group and GOG.COM, Blade Runner’s modernized, digital version is now available and DRM-free. The timing seems perfect. 22 years have passed since the game release, and the date of November 2019 from its main titles has just stopped being the future and became history. Furthermore, since the movie sequel hit the cinemas two years ago, a new generation of Blade Runner fans is being born in front of our eyes. Now, they will also be able to play this outstanding game.

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    • New games join the Winter Sale on GOG.COM

      As our Winter Sale goes full speed, new games are joining in.

      As of today, Activision’s titles are also available with discounts. The same goes for some best-selling games from other studios. Let’s see a few new entries into our Winter Sale:

      Disco Elysium (-20%) is a thought-provoking RPG which totally changed the genre. A great choice if you want to enter the new year in a pensive mood.

      Cuphead (-30%) is an action-adventure platformer inspired by 1930s animated movies. With it, the entry into 2020 will be filled with joy and bursts of laughter.

      Vampire®: The Masquerade - Bloodlines™ (-50%) is an epic RPG for horror fans set in the modern-day Los Angeles, where immortals fight for power.

      Of course, that's not all. See other games included in GOG.COM’s Winter Sale which will end on 2nd January 2020, at 2 PM UTC.

      Release: Din’s Legacy

      In this RPG your hero develops in… quite a surprising way.

      Din's Legacy from Soldak Entertainment is an action RPG set in a fantasy world. As a member of the Mutated race, we must fulfil assignments given to us by the trickster god Din. Along with our progress, the character we play mutates for the better or worse.

      The game is available on GOG.COM with a 25% discount that lasts until 2nd January 2020, 2 PM UTC.

      Coming soon: The Surge 2

      Following many of your requests, we would like to let you know that The Surge 2 from Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive will be released DRM-free on GOG.COM in January 2020.

      Also, you can now add the game to your wishlist.

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      • Win GeForce RTX 2080 card as Deliver Us the Moon gets an RTX update

        Deliver Us The Moon has just launched an out of this world Real-Time Ray Tracing update! It's now available for all owners of the game.

        The game utilizes the full potential of the Unreal Engine 4, alongside RTX and DLSS technology, to deliver stunning Real-Time Ray Tracing, Global Illumination, and one of the most graphically immersive worlds ever seen in a title from an indie studio.

        The competition is organized and run by KeokeN Interactive and Wired Productions. For more details and Terms and Conditions, please visit the competition page.

        Release: Arabian Nights

        Let’s be honest - you asked for it!

        Arabian Nights is a classic 3D platformer which earned a group of devoted fans since its release in 2001. Set in a world taken straight out of the pages of One Thousand and One Nights, this game can bring you whole loads of fun.

        Buy Arabian Nights before January 2nd 2020, 2 PM UTC to get it 10% off.

        Release: Submarine Titans

        A classic RTS title from Strategy First makes a comeback on modern computers. In Submarine Titans your mission is to lead one of the three underwater factions and gain control over the flooded dystopian world of the future. The game is available on GOG.COM with a 10% discount until 2nd January 2020, 2 PM UTC.

        6 newly-released classic games that deserve your attention

        A true passion for video games knows no boundaries. Working side by side, Piko Interactive and GOG.COM have managed to bring some true classic gems to our modern computers. Today, we present to you 6 more titles you should definitely check out.

        Is simple passion enough to achieve success in the video game world? Companies like Piko Interactive show us again and again how much one can achieve when passion leads a project, not large bankrolls. For example, Piko’s first project was actually a successful crowdfunding campaign designed to launch a selection of retro-style games on Super Nintendo cartridges in 2013.

        It didn’t take long before Piko Interactive started showing interest in more PC classics, as well. By acquiring titles from late developers like Legend Entertainment and Infogrames, the company enriched its portfolio with games such as Spellcasting and Eternam.

        Just before the holidays, GOG.COM got together with Piko Interactive to release six more classic titles, which are now available DRM-free on GOG.COM.


        Hexplore is an action RPG title that was published in 1998 by Infogrames, which has already been mentioned in this article on more than one occasion.

        The late 1990s were a time truly revolutionary for the RPG genre and Hexplore is one example of a title that helped define the genre during that time. This was the same timeframe that games like Diablo, Might and Magic VI, and Baldur’s Gate premiered and Hexplore combines elements from all of them. This includes non-stop action sequences and a gamer-friendly interface. Furthermore, Hexplore introduces some unique features of its own, like the ability to turn the camera a full 360 degrees and beautiful hand-drawn cut scenes.

        In Hexplore, you play as McBride, a Scottish adventurer, who travels through a medieval Europe filled with magic and wonder. One day, near the village of Zarko, our hero is nearly killed by minions of an evil sorcerer named Garkham. With the help of three chosen adventurers (a magician, archer and a warrior), McBride sets out on a quest to stop the game’s main antagonist from taking hold of the legendary book titled Hexplore.

        Epic + Inferno Bundle

        Epic is a space fighter simulator that first released in 1992 and in many ways outclassed the competitors of its time. Not only did it introduce a compelling space opera-like story, but its 3D graphics were also truly amazing at the time. Those graphics helped gamers enjoy complete freedom when moving the spaceship around. All of these things combined to help make it one of the most anticipated titles of the early 1990s.

        In the game, your mission as a starship pilot is to save humankind from extinction. The threat comes in the form of a powerful supernova. The only way to escape its destructive power is to evacuate the humans that are in danger through the hostile Rexxon Empire’s space territory. The game was so popular that it spawned a direct sequel in 1994, called Inferno, which further expands the story of the Epic starfighter pilot. Epic + Inferno Bundle available on GOG.COM includes both games.

        Time Gate: Knight’s Chase

        An adventure game released in 1996 by French studio Infogrames, Time Gate: Knight’s Chase was developed and written in part by Hubert Chardot. Chardot was the person behind some of the company’s most successful titles. Specifically, the Alone in the Dark franchise. As the title indicates, the game’s plot revolves around time travel and exploring a medieval world. It features not only puzzles but also an innovative swordplay system. In the beginning, the creators of the game planned for an entire Time Gate trilogy, but sadly the project was abandoned.

        In the game, the protagonist, William, is an American student who spends a joyful time in Paris with his girlfriend, Juliette. Much to his surprise, one day he is attacked by someone who resembles a medieval knight. William survives but quickly discovers that Juliette has been kidnapped. The only way to get her back is to travel to the year 1329 and save her from the clutches of the Inquisition.

        The Legacy: Realm of Terror

        Released in 1992, The Legacy: Realm of Terror from Microprose still remains quite effective in terms of sending genuine shivers down a gamer’s spine. It accomplishes this mainly thanks to its attention to detail and, sometimes, lack of. For example, during most of the game, our hero is unable to see what hides behind the corner… Some gamers will love that feeling, while others will hate it - which is exactly what it is meant to do. Moreover, the game includes RPG elements, like character creation, which help make it unique among other survival horrors to this day.

        The Legacy: Realm of Terror tells a story about a haunted mansion that you must enter as one of its inheritors. While exploring the building’s different rooms and floors, you uncover more and more pieces of its dark history. As time goes by, you’ll be tasked with fending off monstrous attackers from the other world, while at the same time keeping a close watch on your stamina stats.


        Another game from 1998, this time tailored specially for fans of driving fast and dangerous cars. Dethkarz from Melbourne House takes the player to a world of the future and rocket car racing. The game allows players to sit behind the wheel of a sports car designed not only to win a race but also destroy any opponents that get in their way in the process. This is because, unlike traditional racing games, players can equip a variety of weapons to their car to help give them an edge.

        The game resembles the classic title MegaRace, only it’s much faster and more dynamic. You can choose from four challenging tracks to race on - Metro City, The Pole, Grand Keys, and Red Planet, each with its own unique characteristics. The player can choose between four car brands and three vehicle classes, all designed to win no matter the cost.

        All of the games mentioned above have unique stories and gameplay elements that deserve your attention. Whether you’re looking for a sense of adventure, an adrenaline rush, or you just like being scared when playing a game, there is at least one title here that meets those standards with these nostalgic video games from the 1990s.
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        • Complete The Witcher Universe Collection

          A perfect way to assemble all the adventures of Geralt of Rivia on your PC is here!

          Thanks to The Witcher Universe Collection you get the best deal when you complete your collection of the titles made by the CD PROJEKT RED studio or buy all five Witcher games for only 26.99 USD / 26.99 EUR / 19.99 GBP.

          Celebrate the beginning of the new decade by setting off on an adventure with titles that changed the way we see and play RPGs forever.

          The Witcher Universe Collection is available until January 5th, 2020, at 2 PM UTC. As always on GOG.COM, 100% of your money goes to CD PROJEKT GROUP.

          Weekend Sale: challenging games up to 90% off

          Some of the best adventures start when you begin to appreciate every moment.

          Games from the latest Weekend Sale are a perfect choice to start your New Year with a YOLO attitude. Here are some of the titles with a permadeath mechanic you can now buy with a discount:

          Dead in Vinland (-50%) is a survival management game in which you must ensure the survival of a Viking family cast on a remote island.

          EVERSPACE (-80%) is an action-focused space shooter combining roguelike elements with great visuals and a captivating non-linear story.

          NeuroVoider (-70%) is a twin-stick shooter RPG set in a futuristic world full of evil robots you can destroy while joining forces with up to 4 friends in a co-op mode.

          This Weekend Sale on GOG.COM will last until 6th January 2020, 2 PM UTC.

          Surprise! Disco Elysium is 20% off this weekend

          If you still don’t own the Best Role-Playing Game of the year (The Game Awards 2019) from ZA/UM studio, now is the perfect time to catch up. Disco Elysium is available DRM-free on GOG.COM with a 20% discount until 6th January 2020, 2 PM UTC.


          • Weekly Sale: Games for cozy winter evenings up to 90% off

            It’s cold outside but you are sitting in a warm, comfy chair. The smell of hot coffee or tea fills the air. Nice feeling, isn’t it? During this Weekly Sale we give you discounts on some of the games that will make winter evenings even more cozy.

            Here are some examples:

            Deponia (-90%) is an adventure point-and-click game with loads of humor. Join Rufus and Goal in their quest for fame and fortune on the faraway planet of Deponia.

            Headlander (-70%) is a retro-futuristic, action-adventure game set in a dystopian world. Uncover the mystery behind humanity’s demise by using - literally - your head.

            Worms: Armageddon (-80%) is a classic tactical game. With a band of worms and an entire arsenal of deadly weapons you can fight battles against friends or AI.

            This Weekly Sale on GOG.COM will last until 13th January 2020, 2 PM UTC.


            • Coming soon: Frostpunk: The Last Autumn

              We’ll soon learn more about the tragic turn of events that lead to the grim world of Frostpunk, thanks to the game’s prequel expansion, The Last Autumn. Vastly expanding upon the Frostpunk universe by introducing a completely new scenario, the expansion content also introduces new mechanics, unique architecture, and broaden's the title's narrative.

              Release: Niffelheim

              A survival dungeon crawler deeply rooted in Norse mythology. Niffelheim is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM with a 75% discount until 13 January 2020, 2 PM UTC.

              Our hero is a Viking warrior who fell on the field of battle. Instead of feasting in halls of Valhalla, his founds his spirit tossed into the dark and dangerous world of Niffelheim where he must struggle to avoid fate even worse than death.


              • A fresh trailer for Kentucky Route Zero ACT V is here!

                The magical realist adventure game from Cardboard Computer studio will soon have a major update. Act V of Kentucky Route Zero Season Pass is planned to be released on January 28th, yet we can already watch its intriguing trailer.


                • Achieve your New Year’s resolutions with games up to 90% off

                  Have you set yourself any goals for 2020?

                  Thanks to this Midweek Sale on GOG.COM achieving your New Year’s resolutions is going to be not only easier but also extremely enjoyable. Just pick one of the most popular goals and choose the game which will lead you to it:

                  If you want EXERCISE MORE choose Diablo + Hellfire (-15%) because nothing makes your muscles grow faster than slaying monsters with a double-edged sword.

                  If you need to GET MORE ORGANIZED in 2020 start by managing your city in Caesar IV (-40%) or Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom (-50%).

                  If your goal is to LEARN NEW SKILL OR HOBBY, why not try crime-solving? You can try cracking a case along with the famous detective in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (-50%).

                  Or maybe you wish to TRAVEL MORE in 2020? You will see a large part of the world while playing games like Secret Files: Tunguska (-66%) or Secret Files 3 (-66%).

                  Well then, time to score those New Year's resolutions! We keep our fingers crossed for your success. Midweek Sale on GOG.COM lasts until 11th January 2020, 2 PM UTC.

                  Release: Monolith: Relics of the Past DLC

                  Fans of action indie game Monolith from Team D-13 will be pleased to know that a new expansion to the game is now available on GOG.COM, DRM-free. Relics of the Past DLC brings additional features - like new enemies, floors, and weapons - to this already very exciting title.

                  Coming soon: Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls

                  An old-school RPG will arrive on GOG.COM on 15th January 2020. Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls from XSEED Games revitalizes the time-honored formula of the original dungeon crawler series and adds modernized visuals and sound to the mix.


                  • Linkblade
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                    Monolith is the best! Screw Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon. I just need Monolith. Will definitely get this new DLC!

                • Weekend Sale: walking simulator games up to 90% off

                  Fans of wandering through the virtual worlds are in for quite an exciting journey.

                  Latest Weekend Sale on GOG.COM gives you walking simulation games with up to 90% discounts. See what mysteries you can uncover while moving your protagonists’ feet.

                  Amnesia: The Dark Descent (-85%) is an adventure horror game with many scares and dark atmosphere. Here danger can lurk behind every corner of the desolated castle.

                  Myst Masterpiece Edition (-50%) is a remastered version of a true classic among the adventure games. Visit the mysterious island and unravel its secrets.

                  Through the Woods (-80%) is not a walk-in-a-park game. This horror and adventure title will give you the chilling experience of being lost in the dark Norse forest.

                  Weekend Sale on GOG.COM featuring walking simulator games will last until 13th January 2020, 2 PM UTC.

                  Spend this weekend with 8 timeless classics up to 50% off

                  In case you’ve missed those games during the Winter Sale, now is a great occasion to discover them once more.

                  This special weekend sale includes some cult classics like 6 games from Piko Interactive (e.g. Hexplore, Dethkarz), Arabian Nights, and Submarine Titans. All of them you can now enjoy playing with discounts reaching up to 50%.

                  This special sale lasts until 13th January 2020, 2 PM UTC.


                  • Weekly Sale: Sc-Fi games up to 91% off

                    World of the future, space travel, modern technology - fans of those themes will definitely have fun soon. Latest Weekly Sale on GOG.COM is dedicated to Sci-Fi games from different genres. Let’s see some of the titles you will be able to buy with discounts reaching even up to 91%.

                    Dex (-50%) is a role-playing action game in a cyberpunk setting. As hacker, diplomat, silent assassin or gunfighter you explore the futuristic city of Harbor Prime.

                    Space Run: Fast and Safe Delivery (-75%) is a real-time strategy game. You must manage and protect a spaceship and its cargo against the hazards of deep space.

                    We are the dwarves (-91%) is an action-based tactical adventure placing you in control of three dwarfen astronauts on their mission to save their world. This game is available with 95% discount for 24h, until 14th January 2020, 2 PM UTC.

                    This Weekly Sale featuring Sci-Fi games will last on GOG.COM until 20th January 2020, 2 PM UTC.


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                      vawkil Space Run is actually a Tower Defense game. I played through it. You auto-fly a straight line from A to B and come across enemies which you have to fend off with towers/turrets/guns/etc. placed on the ship with finite space to place them. Tower Defense has strategy in it, but in my understanding a Strategy game is something else. It's a nice game though! =)

                  • Originally posted by Linkblade View Post
                    Space Run is actually a Tower Defense game. I played through it. You auto-fly a straight line from A to B and come across enemies which you have to fend off with towers/turrets/guns/etc. placed on the ship with finite space to place them. Tower Defense has strategy in it, but in my understanding a Strategy game is something else. It's a nice game though!
                    Not much into tower defense/reverse tower defense these days, but I actually might give this a shot. Cynical Brit's recommending it (from the grave) as well, so no excuse to not get it, I guess.

                    Release: INSOMNIA: The Ark

                    A sci-fi RPG about the remnants of human society attempting to survive on an abandoned space metropolis is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM. INSOMNIA: The Ark allows the gamer to develop a unique character, explore beautiful handcrafted locations, interact with peculiar NPCs, and above all - try to stay alive in a brutal dystopian world.

                    Until 21st January 2020, 2 PM UTC, you can buy INSOMNIA: The Ark on GOG.COM with 40% discount.

                    Coming soon: Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

                    Prepare food and manage your food truck along with a trusty robot crew as you dish out hundreds of different foods across war-torn America. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! from Vertigo Gaming Inc. is coming soon DRM-free on GOG.COM.


                    • It seems really cool, I didn't know it, thank you !


                      • aileron
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                        C'est un bot?

                    • Originally posted by aileron View Post
                      C'est un bot?
                      In most cases you can't really tell anymore, they're that convincing.

                      Release: Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls

                      The magic torches are lit, the monsters are as ferocious as ever, and the magic kingdom is waiting for a hero.

                      Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM along with the Growth Fruit DLC and a 10% discount until 22nd January 2020, 6 PM UTC.

                      Experience the legendary Wizardry series’ modern rebirth as you traverse perilous dungeons and take on hordes of fantastic enemies.If you want to catch up with some of the earlier Wizardry games, they are now available on GOG.COM with discounts lasting also until 22nd January 2020, 6 PM UTC.


                      • Slay the Spire V2.0 Patch is here!

                        The dynamic deck building title from Mega Crit Games is getting a big update today.

                        Slay the Spire Patch V2.0: The Watcher brings us new cards, relics, potions, balance changes, reworks, bug fixes, performance improvements, and - last but not least - a 4th character, namely the eponymous Watcher.

                        On this occasion we decided to give you a juicy 50% discount on the Slay the Spire game, lasting until 19th January 2020, 2 PM UTC.

                        Release: The Surge 2

                        Explore the devastated Jericho City and try to survive while fighting ferocious threats in brutal, unforgiving combat.

                        A challenging action RPG The Surge 2 from Focus Home Interactive is now available on GOG.COM. Use the wide arsenal of weapons, armors, abilities, implants, and drones to build your character and defeat hordes of enemies.

                        Until 23rd January 2020, 2 PM UTC, you can buy The Surge 2 on GOG.COM with a special 45% discount. If you already own The Surge game, your discount will rise to 50%.


                        • Release: The Alliance Alive HD Remastered

                          It’s finally here! Alliance Alive HD Remastered, a beautifully crafted role-playing game from FURYU Corporation, arrives on GOG.COM today, DRM-free. Start your adventure and join the unlikely fellowship of heroes that bands together to spark a fiery revolution against evil Daemons who enslaved the world.

                          Until 23rd January 2020, 6 PM UTC, The Alliance Alive HD Remastered will be available on GOG.COM 10% off, while in the same time its Limited Digital Edition will receive a 20% discount.