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Has A Moral Choice Ever Really Made You Think?

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    Originally posted by Aidy View Post
    Any time a game presents me with a major moral decision my first thought is always; "Will one of these get me an achievement?"
    ROFLMAO, Too true. Rarely do I find myself REALLY thinking about the decision..... Beyond "Wow, that is SOOOO messed up..... Im doing that one."


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      Originally posted by A Swedish Tiger View Post

      In short - No.

      A game just can't replicate the real world consequences of a decision. Let's take an example from The Walking Dead; if someone was bitten and knew he was going to turn into a zombie and he begged for you to shoot him - would you do it? In the game - absolutely. In real life - I don't know that i could, it would most likely scar me for life.
      I think there are factors in real life that you don't take into consideration in a game and I wouldn't say my own actual morals gets tested in a fictional environment.
      This ^^^

      Originally posted by gbullock32 View Post

      Forcing a thought onto them was more heinous to me, to remove free will (not that they really had that per say) was something that was wrong to me morally more-so than just killing them. Killing them was 'bad', but to be brainwashed, as it were, was so much worse. It made me think about what I would prefer myself, if I were in the place of the Geth, and I found that death would be preferable to a non-existence of being a brainwashed pawn.
      The question I ask (as someone who hasn't played much mass effect) if you wipe their memories and they are not aware their memories were wiped or that they are not in control, would the Geth be unhappy?


      • gbullock32
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        I do not believe they are aware, they are kind of absorbed into the hive mind of the ally Geth.

      • MrFine
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        So if one isn’t aware they’ve had their mind wiped, would that be bad? They don’t suffer. Though I could see the angle where, you’re aware of what you’ve caused and suffer because of it.

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      Not really, only if it could affect my character negatively or a character I care about. I usually just do what is necessary.
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        Fallout 3: Tricking underage kids into sex-slavery was really dark & it's the first time in a game I felt horrible for doing the bad thing. Really speaks volumes of the mindset behind people who actually do it in the real world. They must really lack empathy & be psychotic


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          Dragon Age Origins. Enchantment or Enchantment?


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            I've found myself in a predicament like in the original post "brainwash or dead" before, I don't recall what game it was. But I did wonder; if you let these people get brainwashed and strip their free will away but with eternal happiness, is it that bad, really? If they don't realize?
            I dare so it wouldn't be so bad for them, for anyone. As long as they never know. In fact, if they feel euphoric all the way trough, the captivity shouldn't matter to them, only for the spectators.

            That said, it might not have been a game that made me wonder about that question, but religious texts. Religions claiming stories of 'returning to unity with All in glorious calm", to be honest that really doesn't sound like a future i'd want for myself. I want to be deciding for my own, even for the worse.

            So my perspective is that brainwashed and happy isn't bad, as long as it's not me.
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              The 1st fable prior to lost chapters. You had the choice between a god tier weapon or someones life. This choice was invalidated with lost chapters because if you chose to save the person you still wound up with a palette swap of the same weapon called something else and just as strong. Also in lost chapters the weapon isn't anyway near as powerful as it was in the original version by necessity since you had to do quite a bit more questing after that point.


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                The Fable 2 ending really made me think for a moment about the consequences of my actions.

                And then I chose love because fuck the randoms who died, and I could farm all the money I wanted from chopping logs in Oakfield anyway. What I couldn't get back was my dog unless I bought the DLC, and 12-year-old me was not having any of that.

                Also, I felt a twinge of regret about that spinning wheel of fortune that turned people into chickens. However, that did not stop me from grabbing everybody within walking distance and reaping their souls for my benefit.
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                  whether or not it is worth it to give the orphans in Whiterun just a septim


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                    I don't know if it counts, but there is a point in both Nier games where you have an option to do one thing or another (not spoiling any of it here).
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                    • Vosgy
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                      Yer in Nier Automata the choice made me stop and think about what makes someone who they are, as a result (at least till I went to get 100%) I had to decline the request.

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                    There's a lot of mentions for the Witcher but I'll add my drop to the ocean anyway; I love how most of the big decisions have a short timer on them. I've finished TW3 three times now and I still feel flustered every time I have to pick between two evils and there's a timer running down.


                    • gbullock32
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                      I hate when I pick a decision and the outcome is completely not what I feel the option described; not necessary saying The Witcher, but any game like that.

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                    Usually the first one in any game with real choices. I like to play RPGs like a story or movie. Once my character is defined I will follow such a path until there is a crux in the story. It's more difficult in games like the Witcher where everything is grey and nothing is good or bad.