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    1st Dungeon
    - stops you due cave-in
    - you are told to get pickaxe (common item)
    - must travel to nearby city

    Your options:
    Option Description
    A Get all the tons of iron items you found in 1st dungeon (swords, helmets...) and bring them to local smith and ask him to re-forge them into cheap pickaxe
    B Talk to dozen of people
    Find out that in local stables is a guy whom bandits stole 4 golden horse shoes
    Agree to raid perfectly hidden and evenly good guarded bandit lair
    With grave difficulties, find 4 hidden horse shoes of immerse value
    Return them to local citizen
    Get one pickaxe in return
    C Someone must have a mere and common pickaxe, Just ask around and buy one from local citizens.
    D Get acquaintance with local undercover thief in the inn. Find out he needs a brooch, which is now in possession of the city undertaker.
    This sorry individual turns out to be an actual necromancer, who have risen dozens of skeletons and zombies. Defeat the necromancer and his legions of death warriors. Get a super magical and expensive brooch, one of a kind.
    Return the brooch to the thief.
    Get a password that will let you in the thief's guild. Browse through their stolen goods and finally find one worthless pickaxe.
    Take it (if you dare steal from thieves...of course you do)
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    Since my character, barring party saturation or DM skullfuckery is going to have either Streetwise or magical means of producing Equipment, either C or, as the alternative not shown, D: Use magic to produce pickaxe on site, quite possibly from one or more iron items in your loot bags.
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      A grind a bit get xp and items always good Dood


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        Some RPGs are so obtuse when making quests... Sometimes less is more.
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          E: Pick up a plate, hold it in front of you and sprint through the blockage.

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          • Mellthas
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            Not a bad idea, one of my party members surely had very high STR and also Stamina. And while my adventurer had only a small buckler, my warrior also had the huge 5 foot high shield and a zwei-hander was also stored somewhere nearby.

          • Aidy
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            Um, it was a joke at the expense of Skyrim's bugs You can glitch through most anything by holding a plate in front of you

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          I'd probably go with Option B or D just because I tend to do sidequests first before going for the main quest.


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            Being someone who takes his time, I'd probably grind away killing enemies, leveling up, and mastering the game's combat in that first dungeon. I'm someone who went through Final Fantasy XIII trying to 5 star rank literally every random encounter. I would thus inevitably end up with more than enough silver items to get a forged pickaxe, so option A.

            I'm frugal too so no way in hell am I BUYING one from someone. Fuck that. I only spend money on something when there is literally no other way to get it.


            • Sick243
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              True RPG gamer Dood

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            I am very delighted about the colorful replies. Some were, as I expected, also seeing those 'longer' solutions as mind-blowing, as I myself had trouble to accept such complicated quests for such mundane object. But others, true RPG by heart die-hard adventurers showed me, that no matter how ridiculous the quest might be, how meaningless the reward, a quest is a quest and as such is sacred and by not seeing it that way, I shall quickly return on the sacred path of holy RPGism. By the holy three, stat, skill and experience, I shall not waver in my true RPG believes anymore!
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            Yet, still.... ehm... replacing 4 golden shoes worth a fortune for one pickaxe... (I have sinned, I know. Quest is a quest, amen! )

            Oh, as I realize that the game I play is total underdog, the solutions were B and D (and luckily one could complete both, then sell the extra pickaxe for few gold coins, basically worthless)


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                100% option A, I'd rather not have to go out of my way just to get a bloody pickaxe.

                Unless of course the reward was worth the extra effort.