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$$$ - Unity Programmer WANTED for Dating Sim Style Game - $$$

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  • $$$ - Unity Programmer WANTED for Dating Sim Style Game - $$$

    Myself and my fiance are currently in the market for a programmer to help us bring a dating sim to life. We have made a dating sim before (furry themed) that was released on Steam under the name "Amorous". Unfortunately, Amorous had gone through quite a lot of development hell before it's final release due to issues with our programmer.

    My fiance and I left the furry community quite awhile ago due to the immaturity and appalling identity politics it harbors. We would love to make another dating sim, but we're looking to make something for a more normie audience (ie, not furries, fuck that shit lol). I feel as though my artwork has improved a lot since making Amorous and I, personally, would love the chance to give things another try.

    If there are any programmers out there who are interested in working with myself and my partner to create something small and fun, please feel free to send a message via email ([email protected]) or through DM's over on NewGrounds, as I wont be checking comments or dm's here.

    Feel free to include a resume, any prior games you've worked on, and how much you would like to be compensated for your time. If you are hired on, NDA's and a few other contracts must be signed to ensure the completion of the project.

    Here's an example of some of the artwork that I can provide to the project:

    Scenic Concepts

    Night ProwlerSpider Gwen
    Explore the dazzling neon lights of Amorous. A bustling furry night club that attracts all species, personalities and sexualities. Create your own character and find all 9 datable characters!
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