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    Just wanted to take a chance and promote an upcoming show I have planned called, "Gamer Talk" in which I will discuss everything from the Gaming Community, New and Upcoming Games, Gamers, YouTube Gamers, Twitch Gamers, Gaming Politics...basically anything to do with gaming. I am should have a better microphone coming in on Monday which will make the voice thing much much better than I currently have with using a headset but I will be getting some great gameplay footage soon and getting it ready for editing.

    I think for the first Episode I will be using game footage from the recently finished TTG game The Walking Dead: The Final Season with a show idea of eventually going back to the start of Season 1 and doing shows based on viewer choices.

    I hope to see some people join my channel and show some support or at least offer some constructive criticism which will be needed as it has been YEARS since I have done a show other than Podcasting.

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    Oh boy something that already exists 243275 times.
    Celebrating over 1000 contributions of the highest quality! ?


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      Well in today's society trying to find something new to do isn't exactly the easiest...I mean everything at this point has been done or at least everything that can be done without someone you know calling the cops or something.

      The best part is if you don't want to watch it you don't have to you won't hurt my fe...I only have one and his name is Phil and doesn't care about anything so eh.


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        If you want people to see your channel maybe you should post a link......?

        Jeremy: ResetEra is a forum full of outrage merchants
        Also Jeremy: Join ExclusivelyGames, a forum full of outrage merchants


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          Yeah, link us up man. I'll take a look at your show.


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            Originally posted by Aidy View Post
            If you want people to see your channel maybe you should post a link......?
            I will soon as I get my equipment working again. I got a new mic and I've been tuning it but having issues with some feedback. I about have it worked out though. I don't want to do a show and it suck just because my equipment decided that was the day it wanted to be a piece of crap lol.