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Assault on Artsy Games

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  • Assault on Artsy Games

    I rip into walking simulators and artsy hipster games.

    Gaming is an interactive medium and should focus on providing a fun experience, something indie "artful" games fail to do; here is why aiming for artwork status hurts a game.
    Love metal, hate metalheads. Love gaming, hate gamers.

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    Games are already a form of artistic expression, though I agree that the problem is that some developers do not use the media to its full capacities. You can do SO much more than just walk and hear people yapping to no end.
    "Without Games, Life would be a Mistake" - All of the Founding Fathers, in unison.


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      Hey now, boring people with no skill need games too.

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    I would strongly recommend for developers to do whatever they want. That's where their successes come from.
    A broad selection of games will be better for all of us. No one wants clones.

    "Variey's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour"

    -William Cowper