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    My Love For Anime And Video GamesDecline in Interest For Anime Games

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    I wish we could go back during the PS2 era, where gaming was popular enough that it was pretty well accepted, but you wasn't popular enough for people who weren't playing games to care about it at all, for the most part outside the community, gaming was ignored. Now gaming is so popular that even people who aren't really playing these games are consistently sticking their fingers in our puddling.
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      Kinda short, no? Sources would also be good, and since you are using Google Trends, a graphic would be nice.

      But most importantly, you did not establish a correlation between "rise of politically correct games" and "decline of interest in games". It's interesting that there is a decline, considering how high the production quality for games is these days, but you can't say people aren't play games because politics without evidence. You would need to interview a number of people that used to play games and ask why they stopped playing.
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        Blogpost not more.
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