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CHEAPish Art (6$ USD and up)

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  • CHEAPish Art (6$ USD and up)

    I'd like to find a game/etc. to work with character portraits on, if possible. 6$ USD per halfbody/chibi (includes 3 face expressions) - It is 10$ (so an extra 4$) to have those expressions blink/talk. I can only draw in ANIME STYLES, but I can do a variable of anime styles. Mostly late 90's early 2000's looking things I am best at, really, but willing to work to get a style you like (have a hard time drawing "new animu" I guess though.....). I can also do chibi, but it's harder for me! (Still I'd like the practice). Note: turnaround time may be slow! Am disabled. u wu So I cannot work at a fast pace.


    Gotta raise that money to yeet myself to Bubbafest this year! ; w;

    Write this thread and/or message me on here if interested.

    Here's me trying to draw NEW animu and failing (well maybe got the eyes decently) - always got that underlying older-ish flare to it sorry! Still, it's my most recent examples. XD;;

    Sample sketches:

    Sample chibis:

    (These have mix shading, but I'm better at cell-shade like those non-chibi examples. Something "animu screenshot like" I guess!)

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    Payment methods and can you do things that look less glossy?
    Celebrating over 1000 contributions of the highest quality! ?


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      Originally posted by Animusisters View Post
      Payment methods and can you do things that look less glossy?
      Paypal and......I mostly do that type look, but I can do whatever someone says. I always willing to make changes to anything.


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        I have a few clients right now, so currently closed to fill their comms. I'll update this with official commissioned arts when I open back up! Thanks all for looking! (You may still reach out to me if you'd like me to draw for you in the future~)


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          Opening Bid Starts @: $666,000.69 USD.

          I will also accept Canadian Tire money as an alternate currency. Click image for larger version

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