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Creative games? Ships? Explosions? All that and more here!

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  • Creative games? Ships? Explosions? All that and more here!

    Hello there, people of the interwebs!
    A wholely underrated YouTube channel brings thee the pleasure of watching someone screw up while playing creative games and blowing shit up. My main video series are: Creative games, such as From the Depths, TerraTech and sometimes even Minecraft. Another staple of my channel are the recent World Of Warships videos (Because everyone likes torpedobeats, right?) Help me reach the 1000 subs milestone so YouTube starts shoving my videos in people's faces which will eventually lead to me becoming the disgrace of my family!

    All jokes aside, I am struggling with the YouTube thing ever since YouTube decided to screw over the small guys and demonetize plus de-rank them until they get a 1000 subscribers (because that's fair, am I right?). If I do so, you may get the chance to screw me over and add a game to my "regular" schedule (please be gentle).
    Here are some of the videos you can expect to find on my channel:
    World of Warships- Carry hard edition:
    From the depths: Building a hellish abomination

    And last, but not least:
    TerraTech- Because bases are fun (keep in mind this one is older, because I took a break from TerraTech)

    But most importantly, don't forget to hit that subscribe button, even a single one of you is more than 0,1% of my subscribers!
    Disclaimer: Don't lick your screen if you like my voice (It's bad if you aren't electricity-proof) and you can only like my videos once