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  • Take a look at my comic book!

    Hey everyone. Just thought I'd share with everyone a comic book that I currently have up on indiegogo. It's called The Ferryman and it's the second issue in a five-part cyberpunk/noir series. If you are into comics at all, or the idea of a videogame heaven (or hell) strikes your fancy we'd love to have you as a backer. You can also pick up issue #1 if you need to catch up.

    I am the writer and creator and the art is drawn by Dennis Tirona. His work wows me with every page he turns in.

    The pitch:

    "In the year 2051, the afterlife is for sale. Glory: A virtual paradise so perfect the dead are desperate to escape. Miles Armstrong is a recovery agent, downloading the dead on the graveyard shift, working for the day when he can buy his own way into Glory. Attacked and left for dead, his night's collection of downloaded souls taken, he sets out to uncover the truth of what's really lurking in the shadows of the new hereafter."

    Sorry. The add link button kills the link for some reason so I just put it in the body of the text. I

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    Invalid page sounds like a cool title.
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      Bah! The add link button doesn't work and I can't take it out. I added the link into the post though.


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        Looks great. Very cool style and premise!


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          Thanks man!


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            Technology and spirituality combined? This sounds amazing.

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              I like the premise, but (if you're open to honest critique) the backing page isn't the best. All I could think the whole time is "man this art is really bland/boring in black & white." Now, scrolling down and seeing it in color I'm like "OMG NICE," but if I was an investor looking for something I probably wouldn't have had the patience to go through the whole thing to see the amazing art in its entirety. Your dude has a very Charlie Adlard feel, except in a minimalistic art style. Would love to give it a shot once it is finished. Awesome sounding premise. Keep up the good work.