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I made a table top RPG

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  • I made a table top RPG

    Raven of the Scythe is a pen and paper RPG I been working on the last few years. I put up the first version on drivethru just over a year ago.

    I think it is a pretty good game and have played it a lot, but for whatever reason it just hasn't gained a footing. I would love for you guys to take a look at it. Its pay what you want right now, so feel free to take it for free.

    if you have any questions please ask me.

    I also have a YouTube channel for the game, but haven't posted too many new videos of late.

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    Looks interesting just from the DriveThruRPG page. Acquiring.


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      Thank you, I hope yo

      u like it.
      let me know if you need clarification on anything.

      i ran an unsuccessful kickstarter to try to hire an editor for it, but since I wasnt able to get the funds, the game has litterally just been me at my laptop.

      still, I have tried really hard to make the best game I possibly could.

      I suppose I should have been more specific in my original post. The game is a fantasy rpg that is more low magic and low fantasy than what you might find in games like DnD or Pathfinder. It has just a slightly darker tone as well. Nothing like the dreaded FATAL or even Warhammer or games of that style, more Dragon Age I guess.


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        Interesting, I might add this to my review list.


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          Originally posted by Mildra View Post
          Interesting, I might add this to my review list.
          Thank you very much. I hope you see something you like.

          Here is a link to my YouTube channel as well, with work family and everything else, I haven't gotten to do much with it yet, but there is some information about the game there as well.


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            Added to my library. It may be awhile before I get around to trying it but that description sounds great.