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(DLive Tabletop Stream) You are invited to The Elwyn Adventuring Corp.

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  • (DLive Tabletop Stream) You are invited to The Elwyn Adventuring Corp.

    If you like Tabletop without the fear of getting preached to, you'll feel right at home inside the tavern of The Elwyn Adventuring Corp.

    We also have a YouTube archive slowly being built, but we're interested in moving to bitchute once we grow a bit.

    Like ExclusivelyGames, we like to keep our channel as politics free as possible, which hasn't been easy (especially when guests show up) but I founded the channel with that idea and by God, I'm sticking to it.

    Just a quick breakdown of our shows:

    Emissary's of Hithlinde (D&D5e RP Heavy, Sunday Afternoon 1pm CST)

    Following the events of our first season, a group of adventurers must discover the location of the 4 Cantors, souls chosen by fate to have the very air they sing from crack with magical power. They are essential to reversing the encroaching death and destruction from the center of their continent. A very traditional D&D game set in a custom world made by yours truly.

    Trials of Hithlinde (D&D5e Combat Heavy, Friday Evening 9pm CST)

    While the emissary's are quick with word and able to weave a grand story, the bulwark of this initiative rests with these hardened veterans of spell and blade. They will charge headlong into the deadliest traps, face the world's hazards, and act at the muscle behind this two-party initiative. If you like min-maxxing (AND how to combat it), lethal combat, and brutal odds, this is the table for you. Just don't expect a lot of story and theatrics, there's dice to be rolled after all!

    Oh Dear God-Emperor, we are all Gonna Die! (WH40K: Rogue Trader, Monday Night 6pm CST)

    Vyncent comes out from behind the GM screen and takes the role of a Rogue Trader in this story of destruction, betrayal, and revenge...that is if the warp will actually let them get somewhere! With the Imperium in disarray, this captain with a vendetta sets about to eliminate the family that destroyed his home planet, but perhaps he's somewhat too eager. It's a sci-fi adventure with all the pacing of older sci-fi shows, and all the ship functionality of the millenium falcon's hyperdrive. Seriously our water system has caught fire...please help.

    Tabletop Anime OVA (OVA System, Anime, Saturday Night 9pm CST)

    If you like anime, you'll love this table. Staying true to the various lores, but playing their own characters, this table focuses on using the OVA system to tell a story set in an anime world. With the success of both My Hero Academia and Fate under our belts, we're currently running a Demon Slayer game. Check out this interesting and unique system that harkens back to the old school fistful of d6s.

    Hope to see you all there! Just remember, we're here to roll dice, not talk politics. Our rules are very similar to EG's code of conduct, so I wanted to extend an invitation!
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