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What is your favorite setting?

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  • What is your favorite setting?

    I do mostly homebrew settings for my own games, but I am voracious at devouring lore from just about any setting I can find. From Wheel of Time, Forgotten Realm, to 40k. I love deep history type settings.

    Do you have a favorite setting for your table top games?
    What do you like about it?

    Or just in general, what do you find yourself enjoying in a setting?

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    I really like the Eberron setting myself. But none of my buddies seem to.
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      Probably Forgotten Realms cause that was mostly what we played back in the 2nd edition days, though we messed about in Planescape sometimes too
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        Forgotten Realms, IMHO, is the perfect fantasy setting no one gives a fuck about. Seriously, there is too much to read regarding it that no one can run at 100% setting accurate game in it. So for that reason, I like Greyhawk; samelevel of fantasy without the mountains of reading.

        Ravenloft is great too, but no one does it right in my experience.
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          Odd thing is back in the day the 5 of us were such geeks about Forgotton Reals that we did know pretty much all the lore at that time. We read all the Ed Greenwood, RA Salvatore, Elaine Cunningham, Troy Denning and David Cook books along with all the one off authors from the mid to late 90s. We were all very well versed and even could enfold our high level characters in such a way that they could be there in the background but leave the main stories untouched (which was rare in groups of that time)

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        'Planescape' is a world of possibilities, focused around Sigil, the city at the center of the multiverse, the setting allows for players to explore and engage with the planes on a level never previously possible in D&D. It is a setting shaped by belief, where ideas and alignments can be tangible things and what you believe is more important than who you are. It is often described as the setting of 'philosophers with clubs' and that's about accurate. It is a setting of infinite possibilities and has been one of my two favorite D&D settings since 'Planescape: Torment' released so many years ago.


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          aileron Yeah, tell me about it, I didn't buy any of the expansions while the game was in print and now I'm paying extreme prices when trying to fill in my collection. I have all the books on pdf but, of course, would rather have them in hard copy. I've managed to pick up all but one of the boxed sets but, yeah, they run about $100 on average. The problem was, the setting never got worldwide distribution, so everyone is fighting over the surviving copies from the US run.

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        I personally very much enjoy the cyberpunk-setting of Shadowrun - mostly because of the sometimes uncanny parallels to our own society (especially with big corporations more and more openly attempt to exert direct control as of late).
        I derive particular enjoyment from the ability to significantly interfere with said corporations' plans while my options are very limited irl.


        • JackofTears
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          So, why Shadowrun over Cyberpunk 2020? The latter is closer to our own world, seeing as it doesn't have Orcs and Magic, and it seems it's the cyberpunk part you like the most?

          I am running a Shadowrun-esque campaign in Planescape right now (calling it 'CyberScape'), with the Factions serving as the megacorps and most of the 'races' being genetically altered humans. I prefer my scifi a little less magical than baseline Shadowrun but I like a little mysticism, so I've shot for an interesting balance in the campaign.

          I really wish that Netflix movie - Bright - had just shelled out the extra cash for the rights and done a proper Shadowrun movie instead of their half-assed ripoff.

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          JackofTears, mostly because I never got to try out Cyberpunk, so I have no opinion on that one

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        After a lot of thinking, I honestly have to go with Toril in Forgotten Realms. My first DnD games were 2e homebrewed. I wasn't introduced to any of the official settings until I played Baldur's Gate.


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          I rock it old school all home brewed settings.


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            My favourite "universe" would be Battletech (big stompy mechs with Machiavelian politics, yes please), followed by 40K.


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              My current favorite published settings are the Age of Lost Omens (Pathfinder) and Amherth, which as of now was only published for Advanced Labyrinth Lord. Hoping to port it over to The Hero's Journey 2e some day.
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                I've only ever played in or dungeon mastered homebrew settings in the past, but I recently started playing a game in the Ravnica setting which as been a pretty fun experience.