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I made a forest hex map with Magic Realm tiles

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  • I made a forest hex map with Magic Realm tiles

    I tend to run "Point Crawl" sort of adventures for overland adventures and while this typically works, it doesn't result in a whole lot of variety to adventure locations. In an attempt to mitigate that, I took the tiles from the old Magic Realm board game and finagled a way to make a "random" forest with them.

    My goal was to be able to present the players with more of a forest crawl type adventure rather than just saying "You walk for about 3 hours and.... find a fallen tree...or something....would anyone like to make a search check?"

    I am rather happy with the way the map looks, but I am a little worried that it might be a little hard to explain how the trails twist and wind and stuff without just showing the players the map, and thus eliminating the possibility of them getting lost and stuff.

    This is just an idea that I am toying with at the moment to hopefully improve my games. If anyone has any advice or suggestions for running these sort of games that would be much appreciated.
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