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Looking for XCG's with Best Draft-Style Gamemodes

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  • Looking for XCG's with Best Draft-Style Gamemodes

    So, I've been playing Hearthstone Arena (which is their Draft Mode of gameplay) for a little over a year now, but Blizzard (devs) are looking to switch things up a decent bit, so I might be looking for a new primary or secondary draft mode game to play. Not to mention, Hearthstone feels sometimes a bit swingy, even in draft mode...

    It seems from my brief review of this sub that Sarkari Result Pnr Status Showbox
    Gwent and Eternal both have a draft mode and good community followings, so I'm wondering two things:
    1. Are either Gwent or Eternal better in terms of how the draft mode is set up or balanced

    2. are there other games that have very good draft modes that I didn't mention.
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    The Hearthstone draft model has been copied by several other cardgames, like Gwent and TES:Legends, but it's not great at all. Legends has taken to removing some key interaction cards because without a proper algorithm, which goes a little against the drafting principle, it just doesn't work and people just pick value cards and removal.

    MtG: Arena has an actual draft mode with 15 cards a pack, with AI bots that are trained to pick based on pick orders, but it's not the same as the real thing as you sometimes get playables as the very last card, which will never happen irl. Eternal has the choice of both models (traditional and HS) and is a great game too, so I'd recommend Arena or Eternal as the others are exactly the same as HS.


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      Found or still looking?


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          Should I play this game? .. I heard a lot of contradictions


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