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What Cool Cards Have You Gotten Recently?

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  • What Cool Cards Have You Gotten Recently?

    While I'm not too much on playing card games (Just now building my first ever Pokemon deck using Dragonite and Lurantis GX), I do love opening and collecting them! I've made this thread as a way for myself (You guys too!) to document what good stuff you've gotten out of packs of Magic cards, Pokemon cards, or whatever else you play!

    Recently I had a few bucks to burn so I bought a Snorlax and Eevee GX Team Up tin on clearance at Walmart for $15, and I wasn't expecting to get too much. The tin has a nice Full-art promo Snorlax and Eevee GX, a metal GX counter, and 4 packs of cards (2 Team Up, 1 Evolutions, and 1 Forbidden Light).

    The Snorlax / Eevee itself is worth about $8.50, which isn't bad at all.

    My Evolutions pack didn't have a hit, but the reverse was a Fighting Energy which is nice (I'm collecting all of the reverse-holos in the Evolutons set, the rest of them I needed besides the other energies just came in on order today). Estimated Value: $2.50

    The Forbidden Light was a dud, but I traded the reverse Inkay I got as well as another holo I had with a friend for a Red's Challenge holo from the new Unbroken Bonds set. Estimated value: $2.50

    The first Team Up was a dud, but the second one made up for it. I got a Hyper Rare Rainbow Pikachu and Zekrom GX. Estimated Value: $40. It's far and away the best pull I've ever gotten in a pack of Pokemon cards, and it was awesome. I know $40 isn't much in comparison to some Magic cards and even some other Pokemon cards, but it's really cool for me nonetheless as the best I'd gotten before this was a Full Art trainer that wasn't even competitively viable so it was worth like $12 instead of $40 or $50 like the other Full Art trainers in the set.

    My order came in today and had the rest of the stuff I needed for my deck including a Full Art Lurantis GX. I went with the Full Art since it was only a cent more than the regular GX. It also had the rest of the reverses from the Evolutions set I was missing (about 25 of them), and I picked up the Full Art Dragonite from the set as well. Now all I'm missing are a few of the EXs, Full Arts, Reverse Energies, and Reverse Charizard for the set of Reverse+ to be complete!

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    Been spending a lot more time with friends lately and playing a lot of MtG. The other day when we were out I bought two Core Set 2020 35 card packs (1 black, 1 white), and I pulled an Ajami, Strength of the Pride! My first Planeswalker as well. So I built a B/W deck that revolves around increasing life and crippling my opponent when I do.


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      I opened up some Pokemon Unified Minds packs a few weeks back for a Pre-Release tournament, and I had some pretty good luck both in trading and draws!

      In drawing, I got an Alternate Art Raichu and Alolan Raichu GX (Value: $35). I love this card! They're both at the beach on a sunny day, and Alolan Raichu is pulling on Raichu's tail, which it of course does not like. So cute! =D

      I traded a stamped holo I didn't care for for a Steven's Resolve Full Art Trainer card (Value: $10), and a Psyduck and Slowpoke GX (Pulled that one, too) for a Full Art Gardevoir and Sylveon GX (Value: $10) and a Bill's Maintenance Full Art Trainer (Value: $4).

      I love how all of my new cards look at the front of my binder, it's pretty cool!