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A glimpse of Luna - Tactical Battle Card Game

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  • A glimpse of Luna - Tactical Battle Card Game

    Hello everybody,

    my name is Nico and together with my brother Alex we created a tactical battle card game called "A glimpse of Luna".

    "A glimpse of Luna" is a tactical battle card game, which combines elements like movement, range and troop strength to make the game very dynamic and strategic. The game is based on a fantasy world called Lyboria. You can find all the info about the game and the lore on our website:

    We are still in the process of developing. You can follow our development process on our Youtube-Channel -

    I uploaded some artworks so you can see how some of the characters look like.

    In the video below you can see a little Teaser for the whole project.

    We are planning on releasing an alpha version around August/September.

    Here you can see the current state of the game:

    I hope you guys like it. Have a nice day everybody!