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    This is something that I would like to do. A small series of games on multiple platforms. be it PC and Mobile(yes they have games worth playing.) as well as some consols(I am not up to date on the current-gen.) handhelds(I don't have a switch), and retro gaming. the games I plan on covering may be Free or paid. but they are games that I have played for a minimum of five to six months, though the start of this list it will have been years. the point of this is to highlight the main aspects of the game. a few tips and tricks and to evaluate the game as a whole Be it for
    price to content
    the grind value

    these are the main things I look for in a game are these values. My plan to rate them will overall go down as a one to five scales then multiply by four for the final score.
    I will also link to relevant places to find Greater information in your quest to grind. at the bottom of the page.
    the first entry will be a little gem called Warframe. My next entry will either Be Tapsonic Top world gran pix(mobile) or Iruna Online(mobile). though probably it will start with iruna online a game I have around 8 years of gameplay experience in. followed by Tapsonic.

    for absolute clarity, I feel I should state once again. that these are games that will be both Free and paid games. I will do my damn best to make sure that these reviews are of the best quality I can get. After playing them for a minimum of 5 months before I can even think of making a verdict. on if the grind is worth it or not, and give you the bare basic's to learn how use the the game mechanics and give you the means to use them to lessen a grind.

    the only exception to the 5 month rule will be in Payed game's and that will be once i have 100% completed the game. and found enough tips tricks and fun little things to make your life in the games easyer. (i only really play RPG Mechanic heavy games that would fall under this)

    Warframe is a game have played off and on for quite a while now. The Grenier Informant was the first event I took place on my info of kills and information. though not going to lie. I barely played the game then. it was not till Update 14(I think) with the introduction of the New solar map. and rails that i got into the game. and even then I can at best say I played it casually. the clan I have been a part of for the most part is a little gem called Gungnir. Zarozian the leader of the clan showed me the ropes helped me out getting my star char completed, however, I still have not 100% completed it. the only thing that would come of that is arbitrations.

    Starting off.
    when you first login after making your account doing the tutorial, pick Excalibur. mag and volt, are both quite easy to get early on but Excalibur is from Ambulus(boss) and that is not fun. and Excalibur is the best starter frame. but the First thing you will want to do before doing anything else once you get your ship. is go to the market see that 50 plat? yeah, buy 1 warframe slot and 4 weapon slots. DO not under any circumstances buy anything needed for crafting. be it Morphic to plasmids you don't need to, they are overall bait don't do it. nor should you ever thing Rushing a weapon or warframe in the crafting stages is ever worth it. everything is farmable the only things stopping you is time. excaliber prime access is FOUNDERS only.
    The gameplay its self is, fluid. along the lines of the floor is lava or just blades everywhere. Hell, even solid stealth massacres are possible. Point is game makes you feel like a god. first thing you should do upon starting completion your mainline story quests(vor's prize-> the chimera prologue the current story quests) is to get the main Warframe quests out, when Baro Ki'teer is there grab the sands of inaros. before anything else from him you don't need them now you need that quest. Octavia's anthem, Chains of harrow(this is a story quest, strangely) and any other quest that ties to a warfame there is a lot of them so I won't list them all.

    with the addition of Nightwave in recent months, you now have a daily's and weekly's system, that helps you get a lot of the small things. and some small lore stuff if that's what you're into. but this is where you can get a lot of necessity like Niatan or the warframe Vauban. skins for some weapons and alt helmates. but they also added a progressive reward system to it aswell. so that's nice. you will spend reward credits in things for the shop and get neat things for doing dailies and weekly. they may seem hard but the more ya play the more you learn.
    the main thing you should do in warframe is joining a clan. it gives you access to the Research of the clan dojo's and with Railjack coming up the Dry dock. a lot of clans have people who can help teach you the in's and outs of the game. and One of the largest alliances out there with approximately a third the active player base's clans amongst them is the gilded phenix. they have a discord that you can join if your looking for a clan just click the fire associated with "looking" and it will show ya the recruiting clans. but once you have crafted the dojo key it would be best to hold off on grabbing research they cost 15000 credits a small amount but that add's up.

    as you progress though the chart start looking in to,

    Further your grind by workingsmarter not harder.

    As you progress through the star chart killing boss's doing the quests you might have noticed the little nodes on the map called Dark sectors. these are pretty much one of the best ways early on to get resources of that planet. due to the increased rates and mastery. the main enemy in them is Infested so a bunch of the weak's mob type in the game easy recourse and mastery yep. it is nice to know of these overall. and decimating waves and waves of the infestation is really good for taking your mind off of things.

    At this point, I will now start breaking down simple things you can do. to ease your grind, make plat. and get the grind done faster. by working smarter not harder. the first thing I would like to point you to is.
    Little red nodes called Nightmare missions. these are regular mission types with well extra clauses like low gravity and the like things to just make them harder. but they often yield great rewards. like the dual stat primary mods. and quite a few other mentionable but useful mods. they are broken into three difficulties, easy medium hard. or rotation A B and C as the data tables will state. I have not done them in ages, so I had to look them up at the wiki for what was what.
    Kuva Fortress
    Kuva Fortress
    Kuva Fortress

    along the lines of these missions are arbitrations unlocked after fully completing the star chart.

    syndicate's are something you should look in to at your earlyest possiblity and start the grind of getting them to rank 5 the three you can choose from your Ship are up to you though choosing alied factions is one of the best options some syndicate mission types hidden boubles that beep at the same way as chaches at most there is 8 but they allow you to exceed standing cap.

    and final main mission type you should look in to are Direlct vaults. as of a recent update of a year ago or so you can now run them with all the keys on at once. allowing for solo vault runs. the next main step you can take as an option to help your grind is,

    the Data and you: work harder smarter faster.

    I would personally recommend you get well acquainted with finding all three caches in sabotage missions. due to caches having nice little goodies in them take cevanties on earth for example. the third cache has a 3.67% drop rate of Bite and maul but that 3.14% is shared with 13 other items however Bite and maul both are amazing companion mods. they, however, they have a staggeringly low .022(drop rate off Kubro and Darahk mobs shared with a total of 18 mods 9 being of the same .022 drop rate after factoring in other drops ou get .00271 then adding the fixed 3% mod drop chance of all dropping mods. you get 0.0000813 off any given kill of a kuva drahk kubrow or Drahk. but the third cache on Cervantes is 0.28230 of a chance to drop. however with nova with max sprint speed and ability range. and a general knowledge of where each cache can spawn you can get the mission done in 5minutes tops. and much like YuGiOh its either you draw Exodia first hand or don't. in my personal experience, it takes me around five to six runs to get one of bite or maul and I often pick up an Ayatan statue while I'm at it here is a link to the Sketchy as all hell Warframe up to date data sheet that warframe's Developer Digital Extreme made. however due to the Massive amount of sketchy this link looks. I will link you to the Warframe forum with the post by [de] Rebecca that links to it really why did it have to be so sketchy.

    by searching the Mod/item you would like to look for. in that database take the item divide by potential drops then search for the mob that drops it to get the chance of dropping. you get what equates to the true drop rate. despite the overly low drops on all ends. the number of enemies that spawn and how much you kill them. it doesn't matter in the end. how low the drop is, due to endless missions and enough time and effort you will get it. it's only a matter of when.
    now I would like to note how the login rewards are great if you don't play every day. but have a small amount of disposable income. and why yes money does solve a lot of issues I have with this game the artificial time gates being the largest of them. and the lack of free cosmetics. but I will save that to the end. the game is free, it does have a premium currency. but they also have a login reward for Bundled plat %off. and its not small it's 20 50 and 70% off a bundle. normally when I log back in. due to that small incentive hook they got there, you will after not playing for a while (about a week) login and get one as a login reward it doesn't get affected by how long or whatnot. its just random what one you might get and its not even garteed. but it has been shown within the player base that this happens a lot like so. and a lot of players will tell you only buy plat. when you have one of these coupons they last for 24 hours. but you can by all means by a 200$ plat pack for fifty bucks.
    The main issue I have with the game is a small-time gating efforts to make sure people don't speed through the mastery levels. and I can see why they are needed. the main gripe I have with them is you can still spend plat to Rush weapon and frame creation. honestly, from my experience. It would be far better to not have that as an option. small things such as gear items yes, but the main progression items I feel as if it is by all means not needed.

    platinum is tradeable outside of promotional plat. and due to that place such as. the warframe market, the riven calculator home site of semlar and places to share and find warframe weapons and frame builds and places to find overall information on the game such as the wiki. came about. and yes these all play a part in the Platinum market be it for Information on a weapon to make a build the price of a Riven mod for that weapon and the market site its self. all working in the Cohesive mess that is the trade chat.
    the community is one of the best out there for new players to join with a slew of people among its ranks such as Stal ord the place for all your lore. DKDiamantes for the people who like all things dark and edgy, and even Otaku culture (DK if you ever see this your a weeb and we love ya) and some theory crafting on the side. the sadists love Cephlon shy, and I hear quite a few good things from one Dakar tube girl. Original wicked fun does a great job with helping with the overall content. same with Iflynn Briozime and tactical potato. Life of Rio adds a nice bit of much-needed end game content. if you don't like hearing what large youtube channels have to say. there is a massive amount of people who know what they are doing have tips tricks builds guides and help that I can't even list due to just how much the veterans love this game despite the content droughts.

    I give the community a rating of 4.5/5
    for no community is perfect, and if it seems so Run.

    I give the gameplay a rating of 3.5/5
    it's not a run and gun it takes a lot of getting used to no matter how fluid and amazing it is you always will have a point to improve and that may just be a bit much for a lot of people.

    the price for the dollar 5/5
    you can play this game without ever spending a single penny and make it to endgame and everything you will ever need. it's honestly shocking just how easy it is to do that.

    the consumer-friendliness of this game is 4.8/5
    for the same reason stated above the only reason why it's 4.8 the small little nuances that can trick some people into spending plat when they don't need to.
    and finally the grind value. this is honestly tricky as all hell. early on the grind isn't that bad at all. and is quite rewarding. but once you have played the game for a while with a massive back stock of resources it gets tedious at best to level your gear and whatnot. to outright hellish when looking for some cosmetics... like ephemera's oh so overall I am going to give the Grind rating a 4/5 mainly due to you get a great amount of progression in the grind that helps you move forward and keep your head up for the longest time. however F*ck ephemera.

    my closing statement is. I am not a hardcore player of this game. farmer yes. but hardcore gameplay no. not at all. you can find My char over at EspurrJelly in-game. and take a look at what I got in-game honestly you can just give me my nidus a heat dagger and epnona prime and I will spend two hours in an endless just needlessly slaughtering the masses of enemies that come my way. but and log off and go read a book.
    my final verdict on this game in its current state is an 89.2/100

    the grind is good early on rewarding and the game looks amazing you can easily go about never paying a dime and have a great time.

    this is the first review I have made for this site. please do tell me what ya think. the next game I will cover is Asimbo's Iruna online. a Mobile MMORPG that honestly is well worth your time. from its release almost 10 years ago or so.
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    Now Elite Dangerous is more interesting. It's quite a grindy game.. Or CAN be. but getting there is pretty fun.
    You just need to do your research on how to "grind" and make it fun.

    I really enjoyed "Ghost Recon: Wildlands".
    I don't play that so much now, but it was fun looking around for weapon parts, getting skill points to enhance abilities etc.
    I suppose that is grindy too, but the minor missions and generally places to raid and lot are pretty varied and fun.

    I got Far cry 5 and 4 on the last Steam Sale and have recently been playing that with a friend.
    Again, the skill perks requires a grind doing minor missions and stuff, but they've designed the world, stories quite well, so you can get on with things without it feeling too repetitive.


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      Honestly I cant play Elite dangerous due to well, the same reason i cant play any flight sim/ ace combat. motion sickness...
      the games them self inherintly give me it.

      also im currently ohh,2 weeks ish, in to a refresh of Iruna online. I will probably post the review on that in late sept/early oct. its a game i have played for about, how long ago was the open beta? 10 years max i think
      but im on a fresh charactor. and will be going though the 6 episode story and any new content story missions added. probably going to add some Img's and what not and spice the review up.
      however. its an mmo, in ever sence of the word. so yeah. not sure how to fully go about it. and its a grind heavy mmo at that, dispite being a mobile game its pretty much my go to choice to say when some one asks " whats a good mmo in 2019"
      it has its flaws that i will probably be going over in mass detail, but yeah.
      part two in sept/oct