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  • The Outer Worlds - A Review

    The Outer Worlds

    Release Date: 25/10/2019
    Developer: Obsidian
    Available on: PC, PS4, XONE, Switch.
    Price: $59.99, "free" with Xbox Game Pass
    Reviewed on: PC

    Full disclosure: I think Obsidian is a wildly overrated company. Their two biggest successes, KOTOR II and New Vegas, just copied the original games while being incomplete and full of bugs, yet everybody forgives them. I'm not one of those people. I'm also fiercely impartial. I once told my mom I would let her die if the choice was save her or two strangers.
    As such, even with my distaste on Obsidian and their, shall we say, controversial decisions regarding this title, I will neither exaggerate the flaws or make them up.
    With that out of the way, let's dig in: The Outer Worlds is the newest open world RPG single-player by Obsidian. It is, simply put, New Vegas in space.


    There isn't much in the way of world building lore besides what you can pick along the way and loading screens. Basically, the invention of FTL travel (called "Skip Drives") started a colonization race among several major corporations. You were one prospective colonist, when your ship disappeared for almost a century. Waken up suddenly, in a short conversation you are given your goal: Find a way to rescue your fellow colonists and free them from corporate oppression.
    To accomplish that, you are going to need to explore several worlds and get tangled in their problems. This is where the game truly shines, as there are many ways to solve quests, based on your skills and how much you listened to. There are some harrowing choices and interesting characters, and while this isn't the best written RPG, it does pretty well.
    Score: 2/3


    Have you played New Vegas? Because I don't know if I mentioned this before, but this game is exactly like New Vegas. Skills, perks, dialogue options, the companions, the compass, lockpicking, stealth... Everything is exactly the same. Even the new slo-mo ability harkens a lot to Fallout's VATS.
    Click image for larger version

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    That said, that's not a bad thing, right? New Vegas is a perfectly enjoyable experience, even if after a while, you might feel a bit like "been there, done there". And unlike New Vegas, The Outer Worlds is vastly free of bugs and feels complete. I did had some issues with my game not saving, but that was easy to fix and future patches should remove it entirely.
    Score: 2/3


    Dear Arceus, the people in this game are UGLY. It has the same Andromeda issue of being averse to beautiful people. Character creation is a nightmare, as usual I tried to replicate myself but ended up looking Asian every time. And there is only one color of blonde hair, and even then it has so many dark strands you can't even tell you are blonde. After playing Code Vein and their endless customization, this feels just lazy. Also, every women in this game has a buzzcut. It would be fine if it was only the military types, but no, I haven't seen a single woman with long hair, in fact, there are only TWO long hair options in the character creation menu. Even your ship AI looks like Captain Marvel in Endgame.
    Click image for larger version

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    The only good thing is the environment, the worlds are beautifully detailed and I appreciate the ever changing skies. Creatures are awesome too. Alas, you need to do some tweaks if you want to truly appreciate the horizon without any blur.
    Score: 2/3

    OVERALL RESULTS: The Outer Worlds is nothing more nor less than you would expect. If you liked New Vegas, you will like this game. If not, you can safely skip it for you won't miss anything. Definitely the kind of game you can wait another year to play with a hefty discount.

    SCORE: 6
    BONUS SCORE: +1 Editor's Pick

    FINAL SCORE: 7/10
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    I was too late to the party with kotor so I could never get into that game, or kotor 2, but New Vegas definitely not "just copied" Fallout 3. It improved it in every aspect expect the crap engine. It was full of bugs because bethesda gave obsidian 1.5 years to develop it. And it was brilliant, much better than anything Bethesda ever did until then or since.

    And I didn't expect much from outer words, but it also turned out to be brilliant. And it definitely does not have the "all characters are ugly" problem of andromeda, there are plenty of good looking NPCs.The ugly ones are usually the old ones, that is more a technical issue than a deliberate attempt to make women ugly in the game.
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      Now, I would not buy that for a dollar! When the mods solve the design problems, I'll buy it discounted.

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        I feel like the original post creator didn't play much of this game, or didn't pay attention. I do see some similarities to New Vegas, but I wouldn't say it's the same. Lock Picking is indeed completely different, as there is no mini game to it, it's just skill level and magnets. There is an absolute bounty of lore, and different stories to be told in various locations you visit. I can see that you would miss out on this if you simply wanted to bust out the main story and write a review, but it really is a tragedy for the readers of this review to be denied these details. Lore is everywhere, humorous, serious, and sometimes horrifying. There are female NPC characters that have shoulder length hair. Plenty of them, and you can meet them early on in the progression of the game... so??? Not sure where that came from. The picture depicting the femal in the red background is the Ship'd AI, ADA. She is basic in animation, well... because she's an AI for a ship, and I don't believe she was meant to look "good".


        • Thomas_JCG
          Thomas_JCG commented
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          Which is true, you don't learn about how the world came to be besides what you pick on along the way. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, so I don't know why you are so riled up.
          The picture was placed there precisely because was what I was talking about, duh. You said that ADA being "basic in animation" was excusable because she is an AI, which isn't true. She has her own personality and is very much like a person and therefore is entitled to a more than generic visual.
          Criticism I can take, but what are you doing is just complain.

        • Rowdy
          Rowdy commented
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          What are you talking about!? Are we talking about the same game here? There is lore and explanation about the colony everywhere you look! How else would you pick up lore if you didn't learn about it along the way? Are you wondering how the planets and moons formed? I'm genuinely confused by your take on this subject. I'm not riled up, I'm simply pointing out that you either didn't put much time or thought into this game, or you had a bias going into it (which you clearly explained you did not have).

          Using 2D ADA to depict the NPCs in the game is intentionally misleading, and a very poor argument for "everyone is ugly". Yes, she does have a personality, and hints of sentience. That's the point, she's a ship AI, which isn't supposed to have these traits. She even denies it in conversation. It's really a brilliant addition to a crew of misfits and outcasts. You can say "it's not true" all day, but she is a ship AI.

          I already know you won't understand any of this, and you'll disagree and defend your points. It doesn't matter. I think your article is full of misleading information and a failure to fully understand a large portion of this game. Best of luck to you.

        • Thomas_JCG
          Thomas_JCG commented
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          Either you are just a rabid fanboy, or you are just a troll. Because no sane person would suck so hard at understanding these simple points:
          - The lore isn't directly explained to the player. Most of what you learn does come from loading screens and anything else you must piece together. Again, this isn't a bad thing.
          - There is a clear bias against women with long hair. I just used ADA as example, the fact that she is an AI or not doesn't change that point, I could have placed a picture of Ellie instead and the argument would remain the same. I just picked ADA for the Captain Marvel comparisson.

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        Wait, 'Kotor 2' just copied the first game? The writing in #2 is amazing, the characters are engaging and interesting, the story is weaker than #1 but Kreia is one of the greatest characters ever written for Star Wars. The characters and relationships were better in #2 than even what Bioware did.

        New Vegas wasn't just built upon someone else's work, it was a better game on several levels. It takes a lot of skill to take a beloved game and improve upon it so well that people prefer the sequel.

        As to the characters, attractiveness is subjective. I found many of the female characters, including all your companions, to be attractive women. Parvati is adorable.

        The combat is fluid and fun, if a bit simplistic, but they went far enough to add combat benefits from having high social skills and that's something you rarely see in a game. Outside of combat, your skills come up all the time, both in and out of conversation. I talked my way out of so many fights, I actually flubbed one encounter just so I could get some more combat. I also hacked and lockpicked my way past countless obstacles, so having a low-combat focussed character is entirely doable with companions to watch your back. (in my first playthrough my combat skills never rose above 40% and I managed just fine)

        I had a lot of fun with the game, 7.5/10.


        • Thomas_JCG
          Thomas_JCG commented
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          I beg to differ. Sure, Kreia and Nihilus were awesome, but pretty much everything else was pants, and the companions had precisely the same personality traits as the previous ones, so it's like they just swapped assets. New Vegas is way overhyped for an asset flip, the story was by far the most ridiculous one and the main character has ZERO motivation to get involved in a power struggle.

          And personally, I find the dialogue perks useless because the game is way too easy so I pretty much just one-shot killed everything. The only reason I even put points there was for speech checks, which are easy to pass with the right companions and that Perk that doubles their skill.

        • JackofTears
          JackofTears commented
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          That's certainly your opinion, I disagree.