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  • Kenshi

    Style. Sandbox RPG..
    3D world viewed via 3rd person with full zoom options and 360 degree scrolling.
    Characters up to 30 (256 with mods).
    Play as a lone wanderer, or a man with his dog..
    Play as a slave..
    Play as a group of wandering nomads..
    Settle down and build your own settlement..

    Kenshi is grindy, and a frustratingly difficult game.. Yet I find myself glued to it..

    It is based upon an island after some apocalyptic disaster. Old tech was capable of creating a sentient species of robots however the world you find youself in is one of clubs, swords and crossbows.

    Face off against a variety of human cultures, run from hordes of canibals. Get caught by the canibals, watch as they grind your limbs into meat paste (I'm, not joking).. Restart..

    Kenshi is tough, a starting character has virtually no chance. Luckily losing a fight is often survivable. Although crawling across the map with a busted leg takes foooooorrrrrever.

    With time, patience and a whole lot of luck (And re-loading). I grew my character into a god of warfare, able to take out hordes of 100's of enemy.

    Because the game is so tough, when I got my character onto the path to success there was a real sense of acheivement. As I played I found myself involved in the character and his life. As I expanded and started to build a crew, the time spent training them up increased my sense of attachment to them. Even when My crew grew to 40 characters (Yes I used a mod) I was still more aware of who they were and their life after I recruited them than I have been in any other game.

    The world Kenshi presented me with I found to be widely varied and engaging, with a nice variety of races, species and features to keep me engaged in the game..

    There is a growing mod community and a good selection of youtube series.

    Like many of the current development games it seems that Kenshi's designers are pretty much finished with the project despite many promised features not being in the game. But neither myself nor anyone else playing it really cares, the game has enough as it is. And the modders are steadily making up for the gaps..

    All told, I have found this game to be as addictive as minecraft.. That is not something I say lightly.
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    hey hey people, Sseth here.

    [ Joke aside, I need to play Kenshi when I get the chance. ]
    [ Also this video make me want to play Kenshi. ]
    ( ´・ω・`)_且~ Would you care to join me for a cup of tea?
    Sips Tea Majeeeeestically!


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      Sounds fascinating, I'll have to check it out sometime.