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  • The best gaming channels on youtube

    ETA Prime

    Linko suggested I share my raspberry pi love with everyone, and I think this is the best place to start. I'd have ETA Prime's children if i could. This dude has taught me everything I need to know about getting a raspberry pi setup and customized to my liking for retro gaming. As a matter of fact, the megapi case is at my doorstep now. I just need this workday to end.


    He's a grumpy, defeated 40 year old man that does his show in the toolshed at 4am (because he says that's the only time he has to himself), but the guy is hilarious. His videos are kind of long sometimes, but I watch anytime he has new NES games to add to his collection. He's working on a complete set.

    Those are the 2 channels that I regularly tune into ...and of course theQuartering.

    What channels do you guys watch?

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    I find Laymen Gaming fairly entering for short form news content. I love HCBailly for let's plays, also like Game Grumps.


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      I like Oxhorn for his Fallout lore videos. Top Hats and champagne makes me laugh most of the time. Mans1ay3r's Gamer poop never fails to crack me up.
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        I like My name is Byf for Destiny Lore videos


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          In the non political spirit of this website I would highly suggest Rerez and his 2nd (though much more active) channel Hot Takes: Video Game Rants (once Rerez 2), highly pro consumer content without politics.

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            For gaming news? I go with YongYea, I think he does a fantastic job covering the video games industry. ACG (Angry Centaur Gaming) does pretty good reviews in my opinion, he has other content, but I don't really watch it.

            For general gaming, I like watching Quil18 to satisfy my long-form playthroughs, particularly for strategy games (Arch Warhammer does that as well).

            Finally... the very best...



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              i have few favourites

              if you are into complex strategy game playtroughs i suggest XTRG -

              If you like a family friendly calm content i suggest Aavak -

              If you seek witty reviews i say MandaloreGaming is a good choice -

              If you love extreme memery SsethTzeentach achieved mastery at this


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                I tend to enjoy ACG's review content quite a bit, he cuts straight to the point and talks about the games, nothing too crazy.

                If you were looking for comedy style gaming videos I recommend OneyPlays, but that may just be because i'm an old Newgrounder like Chris


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                  +1 for ACG. Far from a small channel, so a lot of people probably know of him. But it's good content, not long-winded - just thorough and leaves out any unnecessary bullshit.

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                For straightforward gaming reviews, Caddicarus is pretty good. He's a British genlteman who skews towards the Playstation 1, while dabbling in some modern gaming on the side. Game Dave is also worth checking out, mainly for his Famicom videos.

                Or if you just want a quick laugh, videogamedunkey is one of the best comedic video game Youtubers you can watch.

                If you're looking for retrospective style content, give Indigo Gaming a try. He also did some lengthy interviews with Julian Jensen and Ted Peterson, who worked on the classic Elder Scrolls games.

                YongYea and LegacyKillaHD are good for gaming news, not a lot of political crap to be found in their videos.


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                  ChristopherOdd is one of my go to channels.
                  He's all about the vibe, atmosphere and story. not over the top reactions and what not.


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                    If you want to discover little known games or gems in the rough that don't usually make the Steam front page or the news, I recommend Nookrium.


                    He has a pleasant enough voice to have him talk in the background if you prefer to also do something else, the way he plays games is pretty nice and funny as well at times. Plus he is a all round nice guy, there's no politics on his channel, just him playing games, streaming them, and bringing up these indie pearls that deserve their chance to be seen by the rest of us.


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                      Why... my own channel, of course. channel name, same as username. Just kidding. Gaming channels have been pretty finicky for me. Usually, I will like a guy at first, but then catch them lying all the time and omitting facts just because they want to unnecessarily hate on a company or defend another one out of fanboyism. A good example with this would be YongYea. He makes 150,000 videos on EA and Bethesda and pretty much any other Western company. But do you think there is one video about Sony's crossplay or censorship calling them out in the same way? No. People like him do good work, but i can't hack the fanboyism.

                      One guy I have constantly subbed to however is ReviewTechUSA. I dont always agree with his points, but I love the fact he will call out bullshit wherever he sees it and not do lame coverups or lie about companies. Ever. That is a shrinking virtue on TouYube these days. Again, I dont always agree with his opinions. But at least he isnt trying to build a nation of people who just agree with him.
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                        I watch NorthernLion for the never ending popular culture references and repetitively addictive games.

                        I watch MathasGames for Indie titles and multiplayer with NLSS crew + friends.

                        I watch Jesse Cox for generic storytelling games made much more entertaining by Jesse himself.

                        I watch Party Elite (, Quill18 ( and EnterElysium ( for everything and anything to do with city builders, strategy games and 4X-games.

                        I watch Arumba for grand strategy games

                        Beyond that I'll watch the occasional YongYea, TheQuartering, or Laymen Gaming video for shits'n'giggles.


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                          For gaming news, I watch ReviewTechUSA.

                          Wanderbots is one of my favorites for gameplay. Sometimes he does co-op playthroughs with his wife, and the combination of his corny jokes and his wife's occasional derpy moments makes it fun to watch.

                          GrayStillPlays is hilarious and does playthroughs of really obscure games like the evolution simulator Species. His videos often have me laughing out loud.

                          GetGoodGaming is another hilarious channel, but sadly, 99% of the videos they make these days are GTA5 and Fortnite related.
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                            Yeah I'm very selective to who I watch on Youtube when it comes to games, game reviews, and gaming news. I use to watch Angry Joe pretty good there but haven't watched him in a bit. I also watch boogie2988 quite a bit. Here recently I started watching the Quarterling and Itsagundum but that is about it.