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  • Musou Tensei
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    Also my recent digital games

    These 4 I payed for with the coins you could get from buying games and daily visits, they added 5 new games today for the last time as their coin program stops in a month, I was lucky I got Iconoclasts, it and the other 5 new games in the coin shop were gone pretty quick.
    Cat on a Diet (Steam)
    Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (Steam)
    Iconoclasts (Steam)
    Garfield Kart (Steam)

    Free games on the e-shop if you own Mana Spark and/or Blazing Beaks
    Lydia (NSDL)
    Soul Searching (NSDL)

    Humble Bundle but I only bought the 2nd tier for around 8 bucks as I wanted the main game and the Natural Disaster DLC mostly, the 3rd tier for over 10 bucks more didn't had any DLC I wanted.
    Cities: Skylines (Steam)

    New Nintendo Online NES and SNES games
    Rygar (NSDL)
    Wild Guns (NSDL)
    Panel de Pon (NSDL)
    Operation Logic Bomb (NSDL)

    The Fanatical Quantum Bundle
    Yesterday Origins (Steam) (not part of the bundle but an added Mystery game)
    The Watchmaker (Steam)
    Shiny (Steam)
    Renoir (Steam)
    Quantum Replica (Steam)
    In Fear I Trust Episode 4: The Glimpse (Steam)
    In Fear I Trust Episode 3: Rust and Iron (Steam)
    In Fear I Trust Episode 2: Last Desk (Steam)
    In Fear I Trust Episode 1: Waking Up (Steam)
    Haimrik (Steam)
    Gift of Parthax (Steam)
    Fall of Light: Darkest Edition (Steam)
    Codex of Victory (Steam)

    Was free on Steam
    10 Second Ninja X (Steam)

    Last week's free EGS game
    Sid Meier's Civilization VI (Epic)

    Got it for free because I own the classic version
    Mafia II: Definitive Edition (Steam)

    Free game on Steam
    Chex Quest HD (Steam)

    This was free on all Platforms, I got it on PS4 1st but then decided that I'd rather play it on PC, so I got it on Steam as well.
    The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game (Steam)
    The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Videogame (PSN)

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  • Musou Tensei
    At 1st I felt too lazy to list all digital games I bought till last time because I went kinda crazy as my purchases of new full price releases has dropped massively (Animal Crossing was the only one since Dead or School) but then I decided to just take screenshots of my Backloggery log. When it says (Epic) or (Uplay) it was always free, most games were from sales, bundles or giveaways

    Everything except Eli Girls, which was very cheap, was free
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    I made a mistake with GTA V and listed it under Epic 1st, but it's for the Rockstar Launcher bought on a sale on Fanatical, same for the other games under April 21st and Hard West. Flashback was only 99 cents on the e-shop and the games under April 25th were last month's Humble Choice games, to my surprise redeeming Bards Tale IV also gave me Bards Tale 1-3 as a Trilogy pack, that was nowhere mentioned and I'm glad I always check my steam library after a purchase to see if everything is accurate, or else I wouldn't have noticed.
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    May 1st I redeemed this month's Humble Choice already (usually I just let it happen at the end of the month) because I was very curious about Jurassic World Evolution. During my test play I didn't get that I was supposed to treat my dinos from sickness so most of them died, so I destroyed my park, build fences around the visitors who were trying to leave and put some still alive dinos with them, sadly I didn't had carnivores but they screamed in terror nonetheless.
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    Except Daymare and Asterix, which were both on sale, all these games are from the current Sierra Bundle, which for some reason missed the last 2 times they had it. all these game series came in collections but I always list all games from collections in my Backloggery seperately
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    Since I can only add 5 pics I have to list these 4 games, that were unfortunately between 2 big bundles, myself
    Evil Genius, Steam, free game from joining the developer's website
    Showdown Bandit, Steam, free game
    The Bullet: Time of Revenge, Switch E-shop, like 4 bucks
    Ashes of Singularity: Escalation, Steam, free game from Humble Bundle

    And this is the recent Eidos Anthology Bundle which gave you up to 54 games with a lot of DLCs and season passes for up to 40 bucks which I just couldn't resist, I payed 31€ because I owned some of them already and Steam doesn't forces you to pay for something again.
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  • Musou Tensei
    Amazon had a discount on Animal Crossing so I bought it for 48€, the only physical game I bought in april
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    Last edited by Musou Tensei; 05-12-2020, 11:04 PM.

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  • Balta666
    I have bought the 3 Mafia games (the first is one of my favourite games o all time but I had not played the third one and I was expecting a shitshow but actually I really liked the gameplay and story apart from the lack of impact on the guns that was really well done on the previous ones).

    More recently I bought the first X-com and FF XIII and I have to say that I am absolutely enjoying my time with XIII (the combat is not my gem as I prefer turn base but it is fun and frantic to be switching modes as you go and I definitely prefer it to XII where you would just create a code outside battle and just see it roll. Story wise I am also enjoying it very much)

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  • Dub-Z
    commented on 's reply
    I really enjoyed La Mulana 1... still haven't picked up the sequel. They're hard and mysterious af, but there's just something really cool and compelling about it.

    I was going to buy that physical copy of both games from NISA, but decided to save the $ and just wait for a digital sale.

  • Dub-Z
    commented on 's reply
    Won't get to play it until it hits console, but I'm looking forward to it.

  • buckallmighty
    Dark souls 2 for ps4. Its on sale right now for a shut up and take my money price of $10.

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  • MetroidJunkie
    Doom Eternal was quite a blast, to say the least.

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  • JackofTears
    commented on 's reply
    I loved 'Odyssey', it's my favorite game in the genre since 'Witcher 3' - the stories aren't as good as that game but the combat is better.

  • JackofTears
    I started playing 'Gears Tactics' yesterday and so far it has been an enjoyable game. You gain a nice variety of abilities as you level up, the monster movement sequences are fast enough that you're not left waiting forever, the cutscenes add some decent enough story to your actions, and you generally feel pretty badass while playing. Each mission is short enough that you can bash it out in 15ish minutes and you have a cast with complementary abilities so your group feels well rounded in encounters. I just had my first boss fight, which felt solid, with an interesting but reasonable challenge.

    I got the game on Xbox Gamepass for PC, so I only had to pay $5 to play it, which is good because as fun as the game is, it doesn't feel like there's a lot of replay value and $60 is an unreasonable price tag for what I've seen so far - $30ish would have felt more appropriate. That said, I'm only in Act 2 so there might be a ton more that I haven't seen yet.

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  • RedHawkDirewolf
    Just bought AC Odyssey on Steam a couple hours ago.

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  • Star Magician
    Since my last post I bought:
    La Mulana 1 + 2
    Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki (with latest English patch)
    Atelier Sophie
    Atelier Firis

    I also "got" Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki (with English patch)

    too lazy to do pics

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  • MegaVaniaFan
    Trials of mana and predator hunting grounds

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  • Stringtheoryish
    I bought a TON of Steam games on sale, but can't seem to bring myself to stop playing Animal Crossing, haha. I love it so much! It's my first AC, and has proven to be just as fun as everyone said it would be.

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  • Bolo73
    I got Madden 2020 for PC a couple days ago.

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