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"gamers don't want story driven narrative games" or do they?

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  • "gamers don't want story driven narrative games" or do they?

    I watched this video, and it echoed something I've held in mind for a long time now. Something that I didn't think was a popular idea until recently. The industry told us what we REALLY wanted? Remember that hot take from the Blizzard dev about vanilla WoW? The truth is, when people tell you what they want, they aren't lying for some nefarious reason.

    I was wondering what you all feel. Do you actually like more single player stories, that open to page 1, and end at the last chapter? Or do you find stories to be pointless, and you instead look for games more like sports, where the game is infinitely iterative?

    I do wonder...but I'm almost certain, that at the end of the day, most people crave a good story, and probably don't have time to grind in an online game or the patience to learn how to be the best player of an online multiplayer game. Something you can experience and then discuss the ramifications of later with people. What made the story great, and why did you care enough to suspend disbelief(even if you skipped some of the cut scenes or dialogue)?

    Why do I keep coming back to play zelda Majora's Mask for the sixth time? Its more like watching a movie again and again I think. Something about games with single player crafted experiences that have finitude to their stories satiates a starving mind. When there is a marriage of good gameplay and good story, something sparks the mind to strive for more, to see the end. The same way that causes people to marathon through entire seasons of TV shows in a day. We crave stories. We understand the world through them, and they entice us just as much when paired with games.

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    I love singleplayer games. Mutiplayer games are fun and have their place. But singleplayer games are so much fun. I've played GOW 2018 twice, I beat Spiderman PS4 twice as I well. I bought Red Dead 2 for the story exclusively and didn't really mess with the online mode since it's shit anyway.

    I love Breath of the Wild, Octopath traveler and Catherine classic just to name a few since they sucked me in and brought me into a world in a way only a single player experience can.

    Compare Anthem to Mass Effect 2 and I will spoil Mass Effect 2 by the way. Anthem is a shallow looter shooter with an awful loot system, a worthless story and the most limited open world I've seen from a game. Mass Effect 2 on the other hand is the epic struggle where you become Shepard and gather a team of humans and aliens to defeat a ruthless alien race known as collectors who are trying to build a human-reaper alien from kidnapped humans. I could play the Mass Effect trilogy even with ME3's awful ending till the day I die, but I can barley stand a few minutes of Anthem if it wasn't for being able to fly around a bit
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      I would say I am not the typical player but there is no multiplayer game that manages to grab me for more than 20-30h. I just don't get what is the fun of playing the same thing over and over and over and also I am not a very competitive person in nature.

      on the he other hand I am currently playing xenoblade chronicles 2 for a third time (220+h...)

      Even though the reason they say that is because is hard as hell to add loot boxes into SP games the truth is a good chunk of the community likes looter shooters the most


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        Story is pretty much the biggest reason I even buy a game. I like finding out the next part. To a certain extent, I tend to get emotionally invested in it. It's even better when the story has multiple paths and I have the freedom to explore those paths based on my choices throughout the game. It gives it a kind of replayability you can't get out of a PUBG-esque game. That doesn't mean I won't play the hell out of Mario Kart, though. Sometimes I just need something to pass the time, but also hold my attention.


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          Dear gaming industry, the ONLY thing I really want are good, story-driven narrative games. Unless you're giving me some kind of AC: Unity co-op mode, I do not care about multiplayer. At all.
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            I don't think I lean to either a narrative driven game or an online noob buster. I feel like I need both in good doses to enjoy gaming.
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              I love single player games, but "Story" is never the reason why I purchase a game, even in franchises I'm a fan of.

              Red Dead Redmeption 2 is the 1 and only game released in 2018 that I actually played all the way through and while I really liked it's story, it wasn't the reason why I wasted dozens of hours outside of the main missions.

              Resident Evil 2 Remake and Devil May Cry 5 are the 2019 games I've been playing to death as of late and it's not because of the story even though I did like their stories.

              The only time I've really bought games for story purposes are some of the Telltale games and I stopped playing them a while ago seeing as I can just jump on Youtube and get the same experience for free, I prefer game's that are meant to be played rather than experienced.


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                Well, single player games with stories only make up 9 out of my 10 top favorite games of all time, and the other 1 (Rollercoaster Tycoon 3) is still a single player game only.
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                  Witcher 3 is one of the most fellated games ever, and if you remove the narrative from that, all you have is a mediocre(and that's being generous) game.

                  Thing is, AAA industry don't to make 'games' any more they want 'live services'. And a narrative driven, especially single player, "live service" is not easy to pull off seeing how once the narrative ends, the player is done with the ga...I mean "live service".


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                    It does deppends on to who you ask.
                    Some people prefer story driven, others just want to blow shit up, others just wanna have some fun with a sports simulator, but in general i think most people do appreciate a good story
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                      I love story driven games period Give it to me as a single player or MMO, but I want something to read and enjoy while I'm playing.
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                        Considering the game industry sees players as cattle to be milked, I wouldn't listen to what they say. Story-driven games have a much higher quality than simple minded games, they are the ones that people will talk about and play for years to come. Alien: Isolation and Destiny came on the same year, yet one of them is fondly remembered for its innovations and the other people already forgot for the same game with a "2" after it.
                        But because the industry doesn't make any money from people replaying old games, they try to convince you their rehashed game is what you actually want.
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                          I don't, I want gameplay. Most of my favorite games don't have a story driving it. PoE, Dark Souls 2, Crusader Kings 2, Disgaea 5 are all the best games I played this gen and they all have in common they have infinite replayability and no story whatsoever (except maybe Disgaea 5 but that's incredibly light)
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                            All my favorite games are very story heavy(Kotor, Kotor II, Mass Effect Trilogy, Witcher games, RDR2, FF games, etc), hell I even enjoy my story in sports games(I only play Fifa and Madden story mode mainly lol)

                            I usually don't mind games having any story if their gameplay is very good(CK2 or an early access game called Software Inc. on steam(I have over 200 hours on it). I enjoyed Smite to and several others. Having said that, I would play games with terrible gameplay as long as the story keeps me hooked no problem.


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                              Currently on my third playthrough on God of War 1 in the God of War Collection. Playing it on Spartan (Hard) mode. Actually, that's not true. I've played through it maybe four or five times before, and that was before I knew where to look in order to get all of the secret chests containing gorgon eyes, phoenix feathers, red orbs and even muse keys. See, I just got a new PS3 with a hard drive containing a little less than 500 gigs and... ah, you don't care, do you? Anyway, I do believe the God of War games do linear stories right. Even the PS4 God of War game did it well. It did things a little differently, by opening the world only as far as it needed to. I can only praise Santa Monica Studios for that.
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