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Daily Poll Eighty: Do you buy during Steam Sales?

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  • Daily Poll Eighty: Do you buy during Steam Sales?

    Last Daily Poll was on E3 hype. Check it out here:

    Steam for all of its faults has changed the landscape of PC gaming dramatically making many PC games accessible to millions and for better or worse popularizing DRM on the PC platform and for the industry in general. This poll isn't about whether or not Steam is a force of good, evil or laziness for the PC game market but on steam sales. Anybody with a steam account gets excited for the summer, winter and all other sales. A 20 dollar steam card can net you dozens of games or you can get recent releases for close to half off for a limited time. Good deals are nice but a redesign and custom badges and trading cards turn steam sales from just a bunch of good deals to a community event that steam users can remember for years to come. Do you guys buy during steam sales or do you pay full price for games like a chump?

    Check out the latest episode of Poll Review:
    I don't have Steam
    I buy during every Steam sale I can
    I buy during Steam sales occasionally
    I buy during Steam Sales rarely
    I've bought during one Steam Sale
    I have Steam but don't buy during Steam Sales
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    I bought a bunch during one Steam summer sale. I stopped buying from Steam in favor of GOG once I learned more about it.
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      I almost never buy from Steam if the game isn't on sale.
      Mostly during Steam Sales but occasionally at other times if the game is on sale.

      The same holds for buying games from GOG.

      My backlog is large enough to keep me busy while I wait for prices to drop on the games I want.

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        Back when I had a working computer, I did. At least once... All I remember is picking up Trine for some crazy good price like $3 or something. I don't recall many other sales I took part in.


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          I buy games when they are on sale yes, and only buy games full price like 2% of the time. Currently, the only game I intend to get day one is trails of cold steel 3, and the last game I bought full price was... uhh.. Might have been Trails of cold steel 2? Unless you count discount early access games at full price, in cwhich case it was crosscode. Worth a buy btw.

          Anyway. yeah.

          The th ing about steam sales is I used to eagerly await them a few years ago. I remember d uring the winter and summer sales they would have nearly everything on sale like 20-40% off, then they would have weekly sales that were like 40-60% off, then they would have these 6 hour long flash sales that would be like 60-80% off... Then one year, I forget which. like 5 years ago I th ink. Steam said they would get rid of the weekly and the flash sales during their big sales, and ALL the sales would be like as if they were on whatever weekly/flash would offer during the ENTIRE SALE.

          This was actually true for the very first year... now.. during their big summer/winter sales. Everything on mywishlist is like 20-50% off only, and I'm a cheap bastard.. so yeah.. More often than not I don't get a single game during their big sales. Not because they may not be worth it, but my funds are very limited and I have to be very choosy. Now I get more games via humble bundle and such.

          Finally, I do prefer gog over steam if they offer the same price.


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            Praise be Gaben and the Steam Sales. <3
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              I stopped buying anything on steam sales since they done away with flash sales and daily deals. Since then steam sales just mean the price you normally get year-round at cdkeys or gmg. Sometimes not even that.
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                Originally posted by MadMummy76 View Post
                I stopped buying anything on steam sales since they done away with flash sales and daily deals. Since then steam sales just mean the price you normally get year-round at cdkeys or gmg. Sometimes not even that.
                Like I said yeah, though they actually did have deals as good for ONE seasonal sale, as if to prove their promise true, th en they were like. ok we threw em a bone, let's be stingy now.


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                  GOG for life here


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                    Love steam sales.


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                      I buy stuff during Steam sales. I usually have a few gift cards with less than $5 on them so I use them during sales. I used to buy stuff on those CD key sites like GMG and there was another I can't remember the name. There are several. But I heard you can't get refunds with them so I just stick to Steam. Also I know some people had some bad experiences with the sites and CD keys.

                      I know when I first started using Steam with my potato laptop in 2010 the sales used to be really good and way more numerous. I know the sales percentages aren't as good anymore and the sales aren't as common. But when one does come up I always go check out my wish list and see what game I can get for a cheap price. Even if I don't install it right away or play it.

                      Steam sales are one of the major selling points for PC gaming. Like the console peasants say, we spend a lot on our PC's and then cheap out on the games. It's kind of true.

                      So yeah I enjoy Steam sales.

                      But that doesn't mean I didn't get some amazing deals on sites like GMG.

                      Steam sales are the best time to pick up DLC really cheap as well.


                      • #12
                        I buy when I buy.


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                          unless there is a game that i really, really want and buy it a few weeks after launch a full price (after reviews have come out so i know exactly what im getting) i put games im interested in on my steam wish list and wait for a sale to buy them (if im happy with the discount)


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                            When I can sure, but I rarely game on PC because I have partial paralysis my hands so mouse and keyboard gameplay hurts them after a short while and getting a controller I like, which would either be a PS3 or PS4 one, set up for how little time I spend on PC, probably wouldn't be worth it. Also, my desktop needs a serious graphics card update because the one I have was already several years used when I got it some three and a half years back, and a but of ram upgrade wouldn't hurt either.


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                              Originally posted by Animusisters View Post
                              I buy when I buy.
                              I will have to go with that one too. Back in the day I would always buy games on sale, but now that I have my own income and can buy stuff whenever, and with the amount of good games dwindling, I don't even bother with sales.
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