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Daily Poll Eighty-One: Do you play Sim games?

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  • Daily Poll Eighty-One: Do you play Sim games?

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    Sim games have existed for a really long time and rose to prominence from Maxis' series of Sim games released for PC and on some consoles. A lot of Sim games today are crappy joke games or low effort asset flips. I've played quite a lot of sim games. From the Sims to Surgeon Simulator, there's a wide amount of games in the genre to have fun with. What about you guys do you play Sim games or not?

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    I play as many Sim games as I can
    I've played more than 10 sim games
    I've played more than 5 sim games
    I've played less than 5 sim games
    I've played one sim games
    I haven't played any sim games
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    Oddly enough, I've only played SimCity on the SNES when I was a kid. I couldn't really get into it, so I've left the simulation genre alone. I'm just really unsure about these kinds of games.

    Edit: After seeing a number of replies including Harvest Moon, I guess I kind of forgot to think about that game.
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      Eh, no sims have ever grabbed my attention. I actually haven’t heard about them since Surgeon Simulator.
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        Hmmm just Elite Dangerous atm. I was once into rally sims but the setup was too big with the wheel, pedals and stick. If I had the space I'd have a proper setup for loads of different sims.

        I suppose it depends on your definition of sim, if surgeon simulator or goat simulator are classed as sims why isn't The Witcher classed as a Witcher simulator? Maybe if there was a scalpel/body peripheral I'd class that as a sim. Not sure what peripheral you'd need for goat simulator..... Not sure I'd want to know lol.
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          I am sure I have played more than 10 sim games.

          Among my favorites:

          )> Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Platinum

          )> Lobotomy Corporation
          [ Monster management simulator ]

          )> Plague Inc
          [ Including the first flash game versions released on the glory years of Newgrounds. ]

          )> Rebuild series
          [ Management of survivors and buildings on a zombie post apocalypse. Once again, also from the glory years of Newgrounds. ]

          )> Stardew Valley

          )> Animal Crossing: New Leaf

          )> Majesty 1 & 2
          [ Great fantasy kingdom sim. Even if my heroes are a little bit retarded, I still love this game. ]
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            Definitely not one of my favourite genre and something I haven't played for at least 20 years...

            I never played any of the Sims itself but have SimCity, SimCity 2000 and if these are to be considered theme park and theme hospital


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              I have played simulator games, not really for the sake of them being simulator games, but because I found them fun to play and they just happen to be simulators.
              Some I remember playing are:

              Harvest Moon: FOMT
              Harvest Moon: TTOTT
              Stardew Valley
              The Sims 3 and 4
              Sim City 4
              SWAT 4
              The Guild 2
              Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
              Plague Inc
              Gran Turismo 5 and 6
              Forza Motorsports 3
              Sid Meier's Civilization III, IV, V, VI (if that's considered one)
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              • Hyperweasle
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                Necromancerx69 It's been awhile since I played it, however when I did it was fun. It is like a medieval version of The Sims, but I would say with way more indepth mechanics. Essentially you can be anything from a simple farmer or bartender all the way to a king.

              • MadMummy76
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                Gran Turismo and Forza were never simulators, although GT liked to advertise itself as such. But even if they were, they don't fit the bill of strategy sim games like sim city.

              • Hyperweasle
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                Hyperweasle And Surgeon Simulator is, which OP references? Both Forza and GT are closer to real life driving than Surgeon Simulator is to Surgery. This is about simulators in general, not strategy simulators. I don't care if YOU personally don't consider it a simulator.
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              I played a lot with the original SimCity on my 286, and some but much less Simcity 2000 later. I played some of the first sims game, it was actually pretty fun for a while, but frustrating, as it was set up so you could never fulfill every need of the sims. Never really got into other games from them.

              As for other sim type games, I used to play railroad tycoon, but it was more a childish fascination with the game than actual enjoyment.

              The game I played the most, and is among the top5 games of all time for me is Transport Tycoon. Which came out in 1995, and I still fire it up every now and then.

              Most recent game I played was Transport Fever, it almost does a good modernized impression of Transport Tycoon. But it has serious flaws keeping it from becoming a favorite of mine. Most notably the terrible system for delivering goods. You can't really do connecting lines in the game, because the goods will end up all over the map where it is not supposed to. Passengers refusing to use your lines, or using the wrong lines, and so on. And the second biggest flaw of the game is time. Years pass so fast that if you build a relatively long line, it can take years in game time just to complete one round trip, which is messing with the economics of the game badly. Thankfully a mod was released later that allows you to change the speed at which time passes.

              I never played any other sim game for more than a few minutes.

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                Definitely one of my favorite genres but I picked "more than 10" because I don't exclusively play sims.


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                  I play what I play.
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                    Of course! There are so many subgenres within the Sim family, that it is impossible to not have played at least one. You got:

                    - Management Sims (SimCity, Theme Hospital, Tycoon series)
                    - Life Sim (Shelter, Spore)
                    - Social Sims (The Sims, Shenmue, Persona)
                    - Dating Sims (Hatoful Boyfriend, Monster Prom)
                    - Farming Sims (Farm Simulator, Stardew Valley)
                    - Job Sims (Surgeon Simulator, Thief Simulator)
                    - Vehicle Sims (Euro Truck Simulator, Ace Combat, Railworks)
                    - Sport Sims (Madden)
                    - And of course the best of all, Immersive Sims (Deus Ex, Fallout, The Witcher).
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                    • Thomas_JCG
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                      aileron - Yes, and a game can be more than one thing, you know.

                    • aileron
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                      Sure it can be. I've just never heard anyone use the term "immersive sim" before. Also I think of sims being closer to reality and less fantastical. I'm not saying it's wrong, I've just never heard it before.

                    • Thomas_JCG
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                      aileron - Waaat, you never heard of immersive sims before?!

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                    I've tried some and have no interest in trying any more.

                    Sim games encompass all the tedium of a job but without a paycheck.

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                      I'd like to play them, but most of the really interesting ones are PC-only. Still, I'll be buying the few that are on consoles in the near future.
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                        I have played Sims 2, Sims3, Sim City, and Sims 4. Now that I am old enough to live my own life, I no longer enjoy the genre.

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                        • Thomas_JCG
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                          I feel like that's a personal attack.

                        • Hyperweasle
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                          Why!? You telling me you never wanted to burn and drown people without the consequences. I like The Sims so I can make them experience all the cruel that comes with this world without it affecting me.

                        • aileron
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                          Yikes. I always felt bad when I accidentally didn't give them enough sleep or food and they fell down from exhaustion.

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                        Does Rock Band 3 count as a simulator?
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                        • Hyperweasle
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                          Yeah, that is probably the closest to a musician simulator, unless you go with Rocksmith, but at that point I don't even think that's considered a simulator anymore. That's just straight up playing the music with your own hands.