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Rage 2 vs. Just Cause 4

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  • Rage 2 vs. Just Cause 4

    How does this game compare to just cause 4 in terms of open world and gunplay?

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    If only there would a way to find such information on a, let's say worldwide information network.
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    I got Just Cause 4 off Game Pass and hated it. Everything was so janky and ugly to me, felt like a step backwards from Just Cause 3 made by a B team or something.

    Rage 2 is Avalanche's second best game behind Mad Max imo. It's not a real looker on consoles since they targeted 1080p to keep the framerate at 60 even on X and Pro, and used low quality textures. The game could have really used HDR10 and higher quality textures at least. Video of the PC version running at 4K 60 and max settings looks great, though.

    The FPS combat is incredible. Feels like a great mix of Doom 2016 and Titanfall 2. The open world, vehicular combat and storytelling, mission design + audio leaves something to be desired. I give the FPS combat 10/10 and everything else a 6-7/10.

    It's not a big zany physics free for all sandbox like the Just Cause games and doesn't have quite as much of the Ubisoft style open world that Mad Max had, but it's got enough locations and things to tick off. It's fun to just swerve into a base and have a crazy firefight with a lot of dynamic gameplay, cool abilities and great weapons.


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      I have Just Cause 2, Just Caus3 and Rage 2. I got JC 2 and 3 during Steam sales. The JC series seems like a replacement for the old Mercenaries series of games that kind of died with Mercs 2 back on the PS3 and 360. There is a PC port but it's just as bad as the console versions of the game. I know cause I bought the PC port a few years ago. I never owned a PS3 or 360 back then so it was one of the games that I considered a missed out on. I didn't. The game isn't very good. Pandemic is dead now. I think THQ Nordic owns some of their games now.

      But JC reminds me of those games a lot. The way you can run around in this big open world and cause all kind of chaos and destruction. You even have to go after a dictator which is what you did in the old Mercenaries games. I like JC 2 and 3. Though I played more of JC 2 than I have of 3. It's not a challenging game. It's one of those dumb fun games.

      Rage 2 is more like a mix between Doom, Far Cry and Borderlands. Except I like Rage 2 more than Borderlands. I guess you could say there is some Just Cause inspiration there. It is open world after all. Though the first game looked more like Borderlands and the newer first person Fallout games. I bought Rage 1 a few days ago on Steam. I didn't care for it so I got a refund. I might pick it up during a sale and try it again. The game is $10 on Steam and there is DLC that cost $5. But Rage 2 feels like a much different game. Rage 1 wasn't that good. I would say even the gunplay wasn't that great. But the combat and action in rage 2 has been improved and that is fun. I have only played about 2 hours or so of Rage 2 but I have enjoyed what I have played of it.

      I have seen lots of people claim that Rage 2 copied or stole the bright colors idea from FC New Dawn. That isn't true at all. Rage 2 was doing that style way before New Dawn. I have no interest in New Dawn. But I do enjoy it when a game tries to give us some colors.
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        just finished rage 2 story today and also played jc4 so i feel i can finally give a proper impression.
        jc4 had and has a lot of issues,some were patched others are just gameplay design choices that are just bizarre or bad.gone are the satisfying completions of base destruction in jc4,now you earn chaos points and if you wait long enough buildings respawn.the map is padded with many boring activities,drive through a ring with vehicle X,fly through 3 rings,go through ring at X speed in vehicle.
        a really bad way to pad the open world.jc3 was the best in the series imo.

        rage 2 also suffers from open world padding but they are missions that are more fun and make sense as part of the game.clear outpost,open road blocks,clear mutant dens,find fallen rangers and arks.bounties,mine feltrite from meteors,etc......
        all activities that make sense in the games context and some are just fun if you like the doom style FPS with added special abilities.
        the driving and convoy battles arent so good but they arent mandatory.once you get to level 7 with dr kvasair you get a flying bike type of vehicle and then you can really get around the map quickly.
        there are too many different "currencies" you need to get for upgrades and many many things to upgrade that are not all obvious to find.the cyber doc being one of the most less obvious to go to even though he is one of the most important.he upgrades all weapon damage,max health,and the rage mode.

        from the 2 games i'd say rage 2 is much better,jc4 had too many issues at launch and even when you ignore those issues it still has some really big flaws.