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Daily Poll EIghty-Seven: Do you use the EG forum or site more?

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  • Daily Poll EIghty-Seven: Do you use the EG forum or site more?

    Last Daily Poll was on AR. Check it out here:

    EG has been launched for a while and the review section seems to finally be pretty close to release. I want to ask you guys how you use the site and what you get out of it.

    I've been using the forum pretty regularly since December and since I rebooted the Daily Poll in February I've been really consistently invested in the forum. I use the forum way more than site and I do so because I think this is great forum and I love seeing the discussion that you guys have about my polls even when I pick a dud topic or have too many options. Everyone's not me so what about you guys?

    I know this isn't a video game related poll but as I've said before it's a bit hard to come up with topics everyday. If you guys have any poll ideas you can dm me the title and options for the poll and I'll credit you however you want. No need to do so and I'm committed as I can be to run this series for as long as I can access the forums.

    Check out the latest episode of Poll Review:
    I only use the forum
    I only use the site
    I use the forum more than the site
    I use the site more than the forum
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    I pretty much never look at the website. Most of the articles fail to catch my interest.

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      I hate to say this, but I use more the forums than the site it self.
      Mostly cause I am more interested in what fellow gamers have to share or talk about.

      Also, like ethansito said, most articles are not that interesting, for me at least.

      As for the news, I spend it more getting them from Youtube (That includes the Quartering, keep up the great work).

      If I could recommend ideas, here is what I would suggest to make the site more attractive:

      )> I would start with game guides
      [ always useful, always needed, people love them, at least those who get lost in a game or want 100% competition or want the best farming spots. ]

      )> Game reviews of new games, but try to convince me to buy them (Of course, no shill).
      [ I used to watch a lot Total Biscuit for his Pc game reviews (RIP dear Biscuit). We need more of that, in terms of game options, game play, time, fun, etc. But in article form, sell me games that I would LOVE to buy, plz. ]

      )> More talk about obscure games hardly anyone heard of them.
      [ Quick example: Space Station 13... Almost no one knows about it and it could be a great topic for discussion, considering it's surrounded by crazy stories. ]
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        The articles are too basic to be of much interest, the reviews section still needs some work too (being able to search for a specific game would be good), there are issues with logging in to contribute even though you've registered. The main site is just in too poor a condition to use.

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          I've tried to get into the site, but unfortunately the writing is very low quality, the articles are more like abstracts and never even scratch the surface of the topics. Seems more like low quality clickbait at this point.
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            I read some articles on the site and left a few comments, but that is about it - mostly because you needed to give a phone number during registration - which is too sensitive a piece of data for my liking. I may use the site more now that that has been removed though. Time will tell... I just wish someone would respond to my mail about writing...


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              Only looked at the website once or twice. Not really interested in the articles and they seem to be geared more towards Americans anyway. For instance, part of what's written in "10 Fantastic Games from the PC Gaming Golden Age" applies to the US, not Europe however. And when it comes to PCs, we have way more in-depth stuff anyway.


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                I use the forum more. The site could use more new pieces, but I don't mind reading the articles, even when they are short.
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                  I haven't been on the website even once. I'm not invested in articles anymore as I don't believe they add any value to my decisions (although I agree that a lot of gaming journalism is garbage). I've pretty much just stuck to Gematsu for any video games, since they never seem to release any opinion or even journalistic pieces, just information about the industry and games.
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                    I visited the site a couple times but as others have pointed out the site has problems and the writing isn't up to scratch.
                    I'll pass on the site for now.
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                      I use the forum more than the main site. The way that the articles are organized on the main site is a big problem for me. Some people have had login and password issues but luckily I never experienced that. Some articles are too short but not all. It boils down to my interest in the topic of the article so I'm not complaining about article length. Re topics of articles, about 1 in 5 interest me enough to read the article.


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                        I gave up on the site long time ago because to be absolute frank it is very crappy at atm.

                        The articles are dull and the disconnection between the forum and site log in is a big turn off for me as I would like to debate the articles with everyone else


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                          I frequent the places I frequent.
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                            I use the forum more than the site only because the staff on the main site is a bit thin at the moment. However the articles that are published are top notch no doubt (i have a fave and they crack me up something chronic!). In time i think i will use them both pretty much equally.

                            For now though i love these forums, even though *hands up* i can be a bit of an ass. I like the discourse going on here. It's refreshing.


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                              I have never used this site as a news source, because quite frankly, there are better ones out there all over the place. This a forum to me, nothing else.