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Daily Poll EIghty-Seven: Do you use the EG forum or site more?

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    87!? Jesus. Wow! "Lookin' good, Joker!" Good work pickin this up after I was Count Dankula'd by the mods. Its got its own YT channel too!? Keep up the good work, Joker. Of course... I chose the "I use the main site more than the forums" option because I no longer post. But I do lurk from time to time. Aidy still alerts me randomly to talk shit. And as yall can see, I'm not perma banned.
    "You can take the politics out of the forums, but you can't take the snowflakes out of the internet "


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      LOL I do that cos I knew you wouldn't be able to resist coming back. Considered yourself played like the finest fiddle, sir

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    I think your poll has a problem: anyone that answers "I only use the site" just told a lie. After all, in order to answer this you sort of need to be in the forums...

    Just saying you might get a biased sample here


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      All my typos are intentional
      I also make videos


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        I mainly just use the forums, but I lurk more than I post.