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Daily Poll Eighty-Eight: Do you buy ports?

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  • Daily Poll Eighty-Eight: Do you buy ports?

    Last Daily Poll was on the EG site and Forums. Check it out here:

    I did a poll a while back on when a game should be remade or remastered and I said that publishers did them out of laziness. Well ports just came into my mind and they're even lazier. A suit telling a group of random devs to slap a game like RE 4, Okami or any other game on as many systems as possible without too many changes from the original version. Maybe a different aspect ratio or a higher framerate but nothing close to what Bluepoint did with Shadow of the Colossus. I've bought a good amount of ports like MK8D, Rocket League, Skyrim and Doom just to be able to play them on a portable system. What about you guys?

    With Port I mean a game you bought on one system and then bought again on another the later version having come out after the original.

    Also I'm relaunching Poll Review I'm editing down and keeping myself on a somewhat loose script to keep the episodes hopefully below 20 minutes pretty soon. You can check out the first new Poll Review here:
    I buy ever port I can
    I've bought a lot of ports
    I've bought some ports
    I've bought one port
    I've bought no ports
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    Not sure if they count as ports but I said "some" because I've bought PC versions of old arcade games.


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      I don't think I have bought any ports. Maybe I just don't remember.

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        Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea 1 and 2 for the PSP. That was it. I still play my Disgaea 2 file sometimes. I might restart my FFTactics file.


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          I've bought a decent amount of ports yeah. Just recently I bought The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel for PS4 which I think was more the PS Vita version of that game, and next month when Trails of Cold Steel II comes out, I'm picking that up and it's also a port, despite the claims that they are remasters. If a game comes out on a system or on PC and I either don't have a working system for the original, or I think it's something simple that would work well with a controller because it came from PC to console, and I've got the money, I'll pick it up.


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            I buy train stations, storage facilities and the electric company.
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              I bought some ports of Square console games for my 3DS and GBA.

              I have PC ports of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, FF VII, a couple Metal Slug ports and Ys I & II Chronicles+.

              The Metal Slug Anthology ( 1 -> 6 + X ) for the Wii.

              I have Capcom Classics Collection Vol 1, Midway Arcade Treasures Vol. 1, 2 & 3 and Namco Museum.
              All ports to the original Xbox.

              I'd probably have more FF for PC but the ports have gotten shit reviews as poor copies of bad mobile phone ports.

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                If it is a good port, why not?
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                  Yeah sure I've bought some ports. Especially when it comes to Resident Evil


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                    I bought the last of us on ps4 mostly cause I love that game. and some nintendo ports cause the wii u sucked and i never had one.


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                      I only buy ports that I haven't played/don't own, and I usually wait for a sale. Otherwise, I feel like I'm just enabling lazy corporatism. The only recent exception I can think of is Disgaea, and I kinda regretted it.
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                        I buy my fair share of ports but that I can remember the only port I double dipped was FF VII as I have played that game back in the day on PC. I will need a considerable amount of time between version to double dip however as I never have all platforms I have no problems with late ports to a platform of my preference (and switch is a great one for i...)


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                          I'm quite the fan of port but sometimes I will indulge in a glass or two.
                          I don't like cheese so I would have a glass without.

                          I don't drink much nowadays so any bottle I open will never be finished, which is sad.


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                            As a whiskey drinker I want to thank our port drinking friend.

                            Empty port barrels add so much to the whiskeys aged in them.

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                            Liked for the barrel production...

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                          Yeah, I've bought quite a few of them. Mainly it's usually due to me being getting the chance to play the original. A lot of great games came out back when I was in college, a time that I really couldn't afford much. Getting a chance to play some of those games on newer systems is fine by me.


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                            I've bought a lot of Switch ports from the Wii U (MK8D, Captain Toad, FE Warriors, planning on picking up DKCTF and Bayo 1/2 as well), even though I own a Wii U. I dunno, I guess I just see a lot more value in a Switch game because i can take it anywhere. It is a bit upsetting on some of the prices though. $60 for DKCTF is the only thing really keeping me from running out and getting it now.