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  • Baldur's gate 3

    The stars have aligned and Larian Studios will be taking on one of the most beloved franchises in RPG history.
    I am gathering my party to venture forth, but they are distracted doing a snoopy dance
    Announced at Google's Stadia event and has been confirmed not to be a Google exclusive. Community update 1 Interview
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    That was one hell of a reveal trailer.

    Larian will do a great job for sure.


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      Oh yeah... I'm really looking forward to this!


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        ugh. was tough getting up for work after "one more quest" gaming sessions with the original game nearly 20 years ago... shudder to think how much tougher it will be now that I'm no longer a young0ish buck.

        So, the developer of Bhaal has awoken? Time for more ... experiments.


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          Truth be told, not watching an early trailer (keep in mind); I have felt a calling back to isolinear RPG's. I hope this sates me.
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            Hello future Epic exclusive.
            Celebrating over 1000 contributions of the highest quality! ?


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              Originally posted by Animusisters View Post
              Hello future Epic exclusive.
              Wrong there.
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                Trying real hard to not be hyped. Recent news from Larian head stating there will be no launcher exclusivity has made that task even harder. The D&D nerd in me got super excited seeing Ceremorphosis in the trailer.

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                  It's the Divinity guys doing this right?


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                    Originally posted by The4LeafDozer View Post
                    there will be no launcher exclusivity has made that task even harder.
                    That is bullshit. Not your quote, their statement. Utter bollocks.


                    • The4LeafDozer
                      The4LeafDozer commented
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                      lol it's literally confirmed to already be Larian, the guys that made Divinity. So hostile.

                    • Jargoyle
                      Jargoyle commented
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                      Daz, I am literally asking what part you are calling BS on? I have the official You Tube release, Dev commentary #1 linked, Thomas has linked confirming no exclusive deals so again I do not understand what you are questioning.

                    • DazoftheDroid
                      DazoftheDroid commented
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                      Then it is all good