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Daily Poll One Hundred-Twelve: How much do you think the PS5 will cost?

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  • Daily Poll One Hundred-Twelve: How much do you think the PS5 will cost?

    Last Daily Poll was on how much Project Scarlett will cost. Check it out here:

    Yesterday's Daily Poll was asking you guys how much Scarlett will hurt your wallet now I'm asking the same question with the PS5 since I'm feeling pretty lazy today. The PS5 has been demoed and talked about by Sony a few times. They refuse to call it the PS5 and only refer to it as Next-Generation. From everything I've gathered the PS5 will have a APU similar to the Scarlett, GDDR6 RAM and a custom SSD which was shown off by decreasing Spiderman load times from 8 seconds to less than 1 second. It will also have VR functionality baked in since Sony has really invested in PSVR for better or worst. The next generation of consoles will be a pretty big leap in terms of removing the old annoying crap we've had to deal with. Also since most Ryzen chips have multithreading it will become a standard on consoles and games in the next few years will really be coded to run on multithreaded CPUs which is a win from how I see it. All this tech or lack thereof if you've got a highend PC will come at a cost. What do you think that will be. I think it'll be 400 USD since that's what the PS4 launched at and Sony wants to maintain their market dominance in terms of the console sales.

    Here's the PS5 demo I was talking about:

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    There isn't enough information for me to decide
    PS5 will cost less than 400 USD
    PS5 will cost 400 USD
    PS5 will cost 500 USD
    PS5 will cost 600 USD
    PS5 will cost 700 or more USD
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    I think it will be comparable to whatever the neXtbox costs.
    I guessed 400->500 dollars USD in that poll.

    Enough to get a nice upgrade for my PC.
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      The advanced SSD they're using will drive the price up. It will probably cost $600, or at least cost that much to make. I've heard rumors that they're going to be selling it for significantly less than its manufacturing cost.
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        It will cost what it will cost.
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          Voted for not enough info, because I think prices may vary depending on SSD sizes. Hopefully since they are a custom fit to the console they will offer a few different size options at launch.


          • Baron Baldric
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            There is a possibility it works like Intel Optane, a small SSD that works as a cache of an HDD.

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          Whatever it costs, add 30-40% to it for us in europe. I can't even be bothered. I know I'll not pay more than 400 for any console. And it will be probably two years old by the time it gets under that in the EU.
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            I am betting $600. The way these peasant box manufacturers are desperately trying to keep up with the PC they will either have to raise the price or make another mediocre PC in a cheap plastic shell. That's all they can do. Stay behind the PC in the way of tech and capabilities all while churning out another underpowered and overpriced PC. If they can keep it cheap enough the console peasants will buy it. Maybe Sony has gotten too smug again this coming console generation and have forgotten about the mess that was the PS3. Consoles sitting on shelves in stores just weeks after launch. I remember well, you could walk into any store in my area and find a PS3 for weeks. All the Ebay scalpers got screwed big time. People returning 2, 3 and even 4 PS3's for refunds cause they couldn't sell them on Ebay. It was hilarious. Watching Sony go from Market leader to third place. Basically Nintendo's old spot with the Gamecube. The Wii was king and the 360 was in second place.

            Does Sony really want to go back to that? I bet not. But I wouldn't be surprised if they did ask $600 for their peasant box. It doesn't matter to me cause I have a gaming PC. A really nice one. Better than any console. I spent $1,250 building it. The price peasants have to pay for their mediocre PC's is of no concern to me. Though I do like watching companies screw up and getting hurt. lol


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              Dunno but I wouldn't buy it for any price, I'm done with Sony outside of buying used games.
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                Sony and fair pricing don't go together, so It's definitely going to be 500. Sony would price it at 600, if they think they could get away with it, but as the PS 3 proved, they can't.


                • Dub-Z
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                  It was uncompressed audio for MGSV, not video. It had those short FMV channels before the game started, but the cut scenes were in engine, as has been the case since MGS1. That's why whatever texture you have from octocamo adaptation and masks or outfits appear in cut scenes.

                • Cuzin_Ed
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                  Zoltor I have quite a few movies on Bluray. It's ok for movies. You actually get better quality with the Blurays than you do streaming and they are super cheap now, well most of them. I had cable service shut off a year ago and I have been buying some movies occasionally. I can rent them for like 4 or 5 dollars or I buy them in digital form but the physical movies are cheaper a lot of the time if not the same price. So I just stick to physical. I also own PS3 slim model, not the top loading version. I own a One S which plays Blurays I believe and a portable bluray player I paid $200 for that can also act as a bluray player. But putting a Bluray drive in the PS3 and driving the cost up just too push a format and costing Sony their top spot was probably not the best idea.

                • Cuzin_Ed
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                  Hyperweasle Not to dig up an old dead console war. But the PS3 only outsold the 360 near the end of it's lifecycle. Even then it was only by 3 million. I didn't own a 360 or ps3 back then. But I still visited gaming sites which is why I know of how terrible the PS3 did back then.

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                Probably 450 as they don't want to go above that. The leap won't probably be as big as many think it will be


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                  I think it will cost $600+. I think this is the generation that they (being MS and Sony) will try to push prices up. I won't get in to reasons why, i just think it will happen this generation.


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                    If it's under $500, the taxes in my shitty state will make it $500.
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                    • DazoftheDroid
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                      I think they will both offer tiers of the hardware, most likely one a software only option, and the other with additional hardware, be it a rom drive, extra ssd storage or something else.

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                    Originally posted by MadMummy76 View Post
                    Whatever it costs, add 30-40% to it for us in europe. I can't even be bothered. I know I'll not pay more than 400 for any console. And it will be probably two years old by the time it gets under that in the EU.