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Daily Poll One Hundred-Thirteen: Have you played a game's beta?

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  • Daily Poll One Hundred-Thirteen: Have you played a game's beta?

    Last Daily Poll was on how much the PS5 costs. Check it out here:

    Betas are unfinished versions of games that often kept behind closed doors. Sometimes devs release a beta version to the public in the old days it was to test the game and fix and improve it for launch. Now a days it's a cheap method to build up hype and to try to increase pre orders. At least they are free so nothing is lost but your time and frustration since you're bound to encounter bugs especially if you're on PC since betas haven't been validated to work with as many PC components as the final product.

    I've played quite a few betas: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield five, Daemon X Machina, Splatoon 1 and 2, and Arms. Those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. What about you guys?

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    I've never played a beta
    I've played one beta
    I've played a two betas
    I've played three betas
    I've played more than three betas
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    There was a game back in 2015 called Armored Warfare. There was a closed beta and open beta and you could pay to get access to the closed beta. You could buy founders packs. I bought the $15 soldier of fortune pack. I think I got some in game currency or something. Its a free to play tank game, modern tanks. It was supposed to be competition for World of Tanks. But it never really took off. The US servers are basically dead. There was a PVP mode, which is dead last I checked and a PVE mode which is boring. It was an ok game. But like I said the game is dead now.

    I just pre-purchased the digital deluxe version of Planet Zoo and that gets me into the beta that will be coming in 2 months. So that will be my second experience with a beta version of a game.


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      I played the ESO beta.
      Don't recall playing any others.
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        I played the Payday 2 beta.

        I also regret it cause it showed me how much it was missing from the game and how they make it less fun.

        )> Safe house customization
        [ Came very late on the Hoxton house update. ]

        )> Lack of big banks
        [ On the official Steam post they clearly mention the game came with big banks, only to release them later as DLC with the Big Bank update. ]

        )> Witness the removal of fun from the game
        [ Say hello to titan safes, titan cameras, respawn guards, less pagers to respond, gang hive mind never got fixed, civilians & guards that can see behind walls (bug still exist to this day on some maps), nerfs, nerfs, nerfs. Did I forget to mention nerfs? Also turning single player stealth into a living nightmare (thank God mods exist to fix this)... and the worst of all. Stealth xp nerf, forcing you to play loud if you wanted xp. ]

        I will not mention the loot boxes or other issues, cause I stopped playing before the big bank update, I rage quit that day.
        Only to came back in 2019 cause I got the full dlc pack on super discount and finally finished the game by doing all death sentence missions solo.
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          I chose 3 for the same reason I did the last time a poll was structured this way: 3 ~ a few. I've played a few betas. I can't remember which but rarely I have had access to a beta and tried it because I was hyped about a game.


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            I've played loads of betas, including many closed ones. Signed a lot of NDAs, I did. Most recently the Anthem closed beta. I swear the beta was better than the final game.
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              I played what I played.
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                Minecraft byatches
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                    If we are talking about betas as in "marketing strategy to make people talk about our game but we aren't going to fix any of the complaints", then no.
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                      Yep. It's called Skyrim.
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                        Do you think it will ever come out of beta testing?
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                        Fallout 76 is a pre-alpha then

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                      The 2 I remember were Nioh and Final Fantasy XIV, dunno if I played any others.
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                        I remember playing:

                        LittleBigPlanet 1 (cocreate beta)
                        LittleBigPlanet 2
                        Nioh (alpha too)
                        Battleblock Theater
                        Dark Souls Remastered
                        Fallout 76

                        I'm sure I'm forgetting a few promotional betas which were basically just week early demos.


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                          I'm not at liberty to reveal which high-profile AAA game's test version I got access to, but it was terrible and I think it's unsalvageable. Nobody can fix a game that much in the amount of time they have until release. I'll let you guess which game it was.


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                            Yep, every time I play a Bethesda title.

                            I haven't played the kind you have to sign up for, though.
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