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Daily Poll One Hundred-Fifteen: Have you ever review bombed a game?

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  • Daily Poll One Hundred-Fifteen: Have you ever review bombed a game?

    Last Daily Poll was on if you reviewed a game. Check it out here:

    Review bombs are a topic of pure controversy.. Journos swearing it's always misguided harassment from childish manbabies, to the review bombers who claim they have legitimate criticism of a game and weaponize the review sections on steam and metacritic to get the devs to acknowledge that they and their grievances exist. Review bombs happen for a myriad of reasons. Epic store exclusivity,, a game having bad drm forced into it and Poor or nonexistent localizations are a few that come to my mind. I've never review bombed a game myself but clearly many people have and if you do.

    The first Daily Poll was on review bombing. Check it out here:

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    I've never review bombed a game
    I've review bombed one game
    I've review bombed two games
    I've review bombed three games
    I've review bombed more than three games
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    Right after Bethesda launched Creation Club and dumped over 600MB of files onto my hard drive without so much as a by your leave.
    The lack of an option to opt in really pissed me off.
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      Ive never review bombed, but Im ok with review bombs.
      especially more so with all the shady shit publishers/devs or whoever do these days.
      sometimes i wish more could be done, like in the shenmue shitstorm.
      that kickstarter should cancel the kickstarter and refund every donation. They wanna advertise on steam, and advertise steam release/keys, then go and betray their fans like that, then i think they fully deserve review bombs... and more. They werent loyal why should we be?
      side note: i didnt back it, nor really know what the game is/is about. Its just principle.
      someone/something has to stop these greedy fucks at some point
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        Nah. Just like I've mentioned in your last poll, I stay pretty optimistic. I don't think I've reviewed a game that went under 6/10. The game that I was harshest to was Sonic Unleashed, and that was mainly because it needed more Sonic levels and less werehog. If it were Sonic levels only, it would certainly be one of the better 3D Sonic games.



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          No. I'm way too lazy to do that.
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            Most of the time what they call review bombing is actually legitimate criticism of a game or it's connected services.

            For example they called negative reviews of ace combat 7 for not supporting joysticks a review bomb. How is that a review bomb? It's an issue that prevents many from enjoying the game unless they buy a brand new thurstmaster someshit for hundreds of dollars.

            I only consider review bombing things that are completely unrelated to the game. For example a voice actor saying controversial things who happened to be in that game.

            But if a person involved with the production says something appalling during the actual promotion of the game, then that's another thing again. If they say don't like it don't buy it, or you're uneducated if you don't like this, then that's open season for negative reviews. As the promotion campaign is part of the product I think. If they promote that I shouldn't buy it, or outright taunt me, I'm not going to hold punches.
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              That said I never actually review bombed a game. I can't be bothered to even take the time to leave a negative review on games I didn't play.
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                If you have ever review bombed a game, know that I do not like you. Review bombing is almost always used as a way to complain about something in a series that someone doesn't like, and is rarely about the game itself, which means it can give people the wrong idea about a game they might like, and all because adults decided to act like children. It's foolish, childish, and stupid, and no, I will not debate it, that's how I see it, and that is how i will always see it because the best examples I can think of where it happened were exactly that. Also debating online is pretty much worthless, people never change their opinion, and it's especially bad on this forum.
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                  Only one in my life.
                  Payday 2 and with good reason (the lies during it's launch, the loot boxes, the nerfs, the excessive dlc's, the bugs that are still not fix, etc).
                  I love the game but even I can't defend bad business practices.
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                    No. Because most of the reviewbombs are shit blown out of proportion or irrelevant to the core gameplay.

                    It's also funny how some people call out every journalist for being unethical yet defend shit like reviewbombing the metro games or rocket league because Epic man bad.


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                      People do what they do.
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                        Gamers have no other way of getting trough to the developers as most publishers have shut down their community forums. And the developers need getting trough to, because they constantly do and say stupid shit like saying single player is dead.

                        Review bombing is about as unethical as protesting a government policy.

                        If people had any other way of venting frustration about things they don't like it wouldn't be a thing.

                        Why did it start?

                        1 gamers said something negative about a game on the publisher forums? - it got deleted, or the person banned
                        2 then they shut down community forums altogether, no need to deal with those pesky customers who already paid
                        3 then people complained on steam forums about games, but that gets deleted most of the time as well, or legitimate issues dunked on by shills.
                        4. the only tool left to the player: if you find even a minor issue you leave a negative review about the game, otherwise you get ignored.
                        5. now review bombs get ignored as well, somehow they managed to shift the blame from what caused the negative reviews to the people leaving negative reviews. That's some dystopic victim blaming right there. Almost at the level of: You were raped? - We stone you to death.
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                        • Magvel
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                          More power to you if you think reviewbombing is okay, as long as you don't find game journalists ridiculous when they give a bad review to a game because say, lack of ethnical diversity

                        • MadMummy76
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                          The point

                          Your head.

                          Wait, while I stop laughing and compose myself:

                          You're actually suggesting game journos have no other way of getting the attention of devs than giving bogus ratings?
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                        Never review bombed. I have given shit ratings to games I legitimately thought were shit. And thinking a game is shit for me can include what it cost, what was promised vs delivered, bugs at launch, etc, not just gameplay.


                        • Temuldjin
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                          Then you have most likely "review bombed a game" because if a big chunk of the player base leave a negative review it stops being "honest feedback/your opinion" and gets classified as a attack/review bomb...

                        • aileron
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                          If someone wants to call what I did a review bomb then go ahead. IDGAF. If a website has a place to leave reviews then they should expect people to leave reviews based on whatever is important to the reviewers. The whole idea of legitimate vs illegitimate reviews opens the door to pure fakery and the website deciding which reviews to keep and delete resulting in what I would call a biased score.

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                        Nope, same reason I don't review games: Other people already did it.
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                          Nope, and I profoundly disrespect anyone who does it