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Daily Poll One Hundred-Sixteen: Is the Atari VCS a good value?

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  • aileron
    I thought we already had a poll about this... Maybe it was just a thread without a poll ... Anyhow it's a rip off if you're buying it just for the atari games. If you're buying it as a PC maybe it's an ok value. Someone more up to speed on PC specs and costs should chime in on that.

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  • Musou Tensei
    No I don't think so.

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  • Thomas_JCG
    I both don't care for it and think it's bad value.

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  • Hyperweasle
    Up to this point I don't care. They would have to do something pretty impressive for me to change mind.

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  • Animusisters
    Value is subjective.

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  • twidget
    At first I was thinking of voting it's a bad value.
    Then I thought it's not that it's a bad value, it's that it has no value as a game console.
    After more thought I decided I didn't give enough fucks to care if it had value and quit thinking about it.

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  • Balta666

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  • MadMummy76
    Don't know, don't care. Atari was never a thing in eastern europe.

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  • Retro84
    Hm... Not enough info to for me to make a decision either way. I have my eye on the Intellivision Amico though.
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  • Daily Poll One Hundred-Sixteen: Is the Atari VCS a good value?

    I think the Atari VCS is a good value
    I think the Atari VCS is a bad value
    There isn't enough information for me to decide
    I don't care about the Atari VCS
    Last Daily Poll was on review bombing. Check it out here:

    This news came out a while go but I was stuck on the E3 bandwagon to make a poll about it. The Atari VCS which has been 'anticipated' for years now. Now over a year after the indiegogo campaign ended we can finally pre order the Atari VCS. Non backers will get their units early 2020 but backers will get them December of this year as Atari has claimed.

    The price of the Atari VCS is hard to say. The base version is 250 but doesn't come with a controller. It is compatible with PC peripherals not sure if for games. If you want the console with a controller from the manufacturer which every console manufacturer has packed in the box as far as I know. If you buy it with a controller either modern or retro it will run you well over 300 bucks. In 2020 you're better off saving your money for the PS5, Scarlett, or upgrading your PC, though and decent rig far outpowers the VCS since it has a hard time keeping up with the switch from what I've seen of the specs. I wouldn't buy it but that's just me would you guys would?

    Here's all the SKUS and their prices:,28zu0

    Poll Review 16 will come out later today or early tomorrow. I'm building my new PC which I'll do a build log on the EG hardware forum and I want to edit the video on my new rig.

    Check out the latest episode of Poll Review:

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