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Daily Poll 126: Do you think we will see a switch revision in 2019?

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  • Daily Poll 126: Do you think we will see a switch revision in 2019?

    Last Daily Poll was on replaying games. Check it out here:

    Recently at a Nintendo investor's meeting Nintendo was asked if they have a switch revision in the works. They refused to give a solid answer to the question but people have been rumoring about a new switch for over a year now if I can remember correctly. Wheater it will be a switch mini or pro we don't know but people have been talking about it a lot for a long time and Nintendo is the king of left field. I think we will get a switch mini out sometime before Black Friday to target the kid market that Nintendo is losing with the 2DS. That's just me what do you guys think?

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    I don't care about the switch
    There isn't enough information for me to decide
    There will be a switch revision in 2019
    There won't be a switch revision in 2019
    There might be a switch revision in 2019
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  • #2
    There may be a possibility of one this year for the supposed Switch Mini. I just think it would be a good idea to release before Christmas.

    A Switch Pro, I would like to see, but I'm not expecting a release this year.


    • #3
      The mini is so heavily rumoured at this point that is pretty much confirmed. A second revision I doubt it will come this year or at least a revision marked as that (they have been changing hardware to combat piracy)


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        My guess, is that the Switch revision(s) is/are likely holiday releases to be announced in the next few months, in order to make a lot of money for the system on the holidays.


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          Nintendo has been pretty tight-lipped about this, so I’m not sure. A pro seems possible, but how exactly would a mini be different?
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            I think there might be one this year and it'll happen just in time for Christmas.
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            • #7
              I don't think it will happen until 2020.
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              • #8
                Maybe next year.
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                • #9
                  I don't want one, but I don't doubt that it'll happen. As long as it isn't like the New 3DS and there aren't any exclusive games for it, I guess I'll be fine.

                  Edit: Oh, 2019? No way. I thought this said 2020. 2020 is a good bet, 2019 is basically a no go at this point.


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                    All these accessory leaks from retailers point to a mini that might be hyped up on a Direct in time for holiday shopping hysteria.

                    Sadly, it keeps sounding more likely to only be a smaller Switch to increase portability and not a more powerful one like I was hoping for. Really I'd just like to see automatically applied anti-aliasing, so it doesn't look so harsh on large 4K display.


                    • #11
                      It's possible, of course, anything is, but it would somewhat be a divergent course for Nintendo, would it not?

                      Historically they have always stood by their hardware, failing or not, true?

                      The Switch is winning right now, there would be no reason, from any kind of standpoint, to jeopardise or risk that.

                      Nintendo ain't stupid. ^^


                      • Dub-Z
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                        Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Advance SP Lite, Gameboy Advance Mini, DSi, New 3DS, 2DS, top loader NES, Wii Mini.

                        Even among some of those there's different serial number SKU's with variation.

                        It's a great way to keep something fresh, get people to double dip, and offer older models or newer, cheaper models as entry level for latecomer, budget shoppers.

                      • DazoftheDroid
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                        But none of them failed though, did they? Even if you go solely on stats, coz you have no soul or something, those systems still kept Nintendo alive. The only reason you, and I are having this conversation is because of those very factors.

                    • #12
                      On the 20th, ReviewTechUSA posted a video showing that a Chinese company was already designing accessories for the Switch Mini (with screencaps of their website):


                      Then, yesterday, he posted another video about a Spanish retailer briefly listing accessories for the Switch Mini on their website:


                      The Switch Mini is all but officially confirmed.
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                        It's a simple market rule, sell as much as you can at full price, when there are no full price buyers left, lower the price and sell to those who want to pay less.

                        "According to Nintendo, 2DS is targeted at a younger audience and is cheaper than Nintendo 3DS."

                        They'll cut costs by removing the Joycons.
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                        • #14
                          Don't care since the Switch is a crap console and I'm so sick of how some gaming sites as well as some indie devs keep shilling it so hard.


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                            If nintendo seized to exist tomorrow I'd never even notice it, that's how much I care.
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