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Daily Poll 130: Do you want Sony to purchase more studios?

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  • Daily Poll 130: Do you want Sony to purchase more studios?

    Last Daily Poll was on Mario Maker 2. Check it out here:

    Sony recently announced that they are looking to acquire more studios to play copy cat with Microsoft who has acquired a baker's dozen of studios to try and solve the Xbox One's problem of not having exclusives to convince people to buy their console. Sony has had a lot of success with their console and a big part of that is there slew of exclusive software that is well liked by a big portion of the gaming community. Sony wants the PS5 to be a money printer like the PS4 has been so buying more studios to pump out more exclusives seems like a good business decision but just because a decision is good for business doesn't make it good for consumers. That's were this poll comes in do you want Sony to gobble up more stuidos? I personally don't until Sony stops acting like a catholic nun with their game policy but that's just me what about you guys?

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    I want Sony to buy more studios
    I don't want Sony to buy more studios
    I don't care if Sony does or doesn't buy more studios
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    Hell. No. Sony cannot be trusted, and third-party exclusives like this are anti-consumer.
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      Hell. No. Not only because of exclusivity, but also their abhorrent censorship and focus on AAA games would stifle many small studios.
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        Originally posted by Jokerthefoolio View Post
        . . . do you want Sony to gobble up more stuidos? I personally don't until Sony stops acting like a catholic nun with their game policy . . .
        I had 12 years of schooling by Catholic nuns, Sisters of Mercy & School Sisters of Notre Dame, and I have no idea what you're talking 'bout.

        ON Topic
        If it means a studio gets the financial backing to stay afloat, in production of what are generally considered 'good' games and not go tits up for lack of money, I'm all for it.

        If it means a studio gets bought and forced to do the bidding of their financial overlord(s) ( I'm looking at you EA ) and cast aside like an orange with all the juice wrung out, I'm against it.

        Not owning a current gen Sony console, I'm only concerned with will Sony exclusives be released on PC.

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        • Jokerthefoolio
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          I was making a dumb joke. What I meant by it is that Sony is censoring a lot of games with nudity or slightly lewd themes to protect the children. I'm sure many catholic nuns are good people just uptight about sexuality like Sony is. I've no real ire against nuns irl

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          Now I understand.

          When it comes to censorship I'd be more concerned with Baptist preachers.

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        I don't see them being capable of supporting them since their first party business model has become so laser focused on a handful of impossibly expensive games. Not unless they ease off the production value, scope and marketing budget for their premiere titles, which will compromise their strategy. Also, buying a studio and throwing money at them doesn't magically turn them into Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Kojipro etc.

        I'd like to see more of PS3/PSP era Sony publishing 1st and 2nd party, with stuff like Tokyo Jungle, Journey, Patapon etc, and for it to still be possible to get something like a Last Guardian, Tearaway, Resogun or Gravity Rush... or the Demon's Souls and Bloodborne Sony. Not just the Naughty Dog formula that panders to games media.


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          All my typos are intentional
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            The only things I want Sony to do are abolish their censorship board and move their HQ back to Japan. Until they do, they should stay the hell away from third-party studios, especially the Japanese ones.

            Thankfully, Nintendo's leadership recently took a firm stance against censoring third-party games on their platforms.
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              Exclusives are a plague and should die out. No matter if it's a sony microsoft or epic exclusive.
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                I don't want them to now. They did well with this generation, although they have flipped out on consumer relations, especially in the latter half. Having the current power play in the big 3 buy up development houses isn't going to be good for the integrity of those developers. What Microsoft did when they added studios, versus what Sony will do, is the kind of money being used. Microsoft used "please help us + fuck you" money. Sony will just use "fuck you" money. I'd rather the studios go to like, idk, THQ Nordic instead. I like that they are meme unto themselves.

                But hey, we might get Soul Sacrifice 2. That'd be okay.
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                  Who the heck would say yes with how sony is acting lately.


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                    This question should be directed at Disney. Literally no one wants Sony to have more output than they already do.
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                      I don't want anyone buying dev studios. We don't need more console exclusives and garbage PC ports.


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                        I don't really care as I don't own a playstation and do not intend to buy one anytime soon but in general it would be good if Sony buys a few more studios as their money can be used by the studios to create bigger and better games (and without MTX as Sony and Nintendo are the only ones interested in selling consoles).


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                          On the one hand, Sony helps these studios to live and create more games. But on the other hand it makes these games available exclusively on PS. DILEMMA


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                            No, I want Sony to go away. If they ever touch PlatinumGames, I'm gone.
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                            • Nic
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                              Thank GOD that Bayonetta is a Switch series now. Playstation stay away!

                            • Musou Tensei
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                              I hope it stays that way.