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Daily Poll 131: What will sell more NVIDIA Super Cards or AMD Navi?

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  • Daily Poll 131: What will sell more NVIDIA Super Cards or AMD Navi?

    Last Daily Poll was on Sony buying studios. Check it out here:

    The GPU market is going to get crowded with the upcoming release of the NVIDIA Super RTX cards and the launch of Navi with the Radeon 5700 and 5700XT. AMD has had a really hard time catching up to NVIDIA in the high end graphics market and with all the cards they have been releasing they've been targeting the mid section of the market pretty well too. Since these launches are happening at around the same time do you think the Super cards will have higher sales or AMD's first two Navi cards?

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    The super cards will sell better
    The navi cards will sell better
    The super and navi cards will sell about the same amount
    There isn't enough information for me to decide
    I don't know or care about the GPU market
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    NVIDIA has better name notoriety, that will give them an upper hand IMHO.
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      Y'know, I'm not all that much into PC gaming (at least not at the moment). Still, I've used NVIDIA and had a good experience with it. Everyone I've talked to in the past always preferred NVIDIA too.


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          I will be honest, I have used AMD most of my life and are fine products (had less problems with AMD than with Nvidia).

          So I am voting mostly out of bias for my love for the AMD company.
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            AMD CPUs will sell better.

            Joking aside, even when AMD was pounding NVIDIA's ass, NVIDIA still sold better, because fanbois will be fanbois. Now when AMD is struggling with their GPUs and NVIDIA clearly has the upperhand of course they sell better, because both the fanbois and the sane people will be buying NVIDIA. THe only ones sticking to AMD now are the AMD fanbois.
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              I run a AMD CPU with NVIDIA GPU setup, your joke hits the mark for a lot of people lol.

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            I don't even need to know the difference between the two to know the answer: Nvidia, obviously.
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              Of course Nvidia will sell better.
              But AMD is love. AMD is life. And, of course, AMD is the cheaper of the two.
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                I have no idea.
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                  The only AMD card I have ever used was the MSI R9 390 which I bought and installed when I built my PC back in 2016. It was an ok card and pretty much ran anything I played on it. A few games didn't keep a steady 60 fps but not many. I bought it cause it was cheaper than the GTX 970 Ti I was going to buy. I watched a video by a PC gaming Youtuber named JayzTwoCents and it sold me on the card. Doom 2016 was the game I was building the PC for and this GPU ran the game at a butter smooth 60 fps on max settings. I used Vulkan which kept it at 60 frames the entire time I played it. It never once fell below 60 even for a second. I was on top of the world with my new PC and that GPU. lol

                  The GTX 970 Ti was nearly $400 at the time and I could get the R9 390 for $295. Unlike the 970 the 390 had a full 8GB of VRAM, none of that 3.5GB nonsense. The 390 also had 512 bit memory instead of whatever the 970 had. I jumped on that New Egg deal. It's what kept me at my budget for the build. I saved money.

                  My only complaints after using it for a few years are that the GPU gets really warm. It also gets pretty loud. It doesn't sound like a jet engine or anything but some games made the fans on the card get pretty noisy. Also AMD had no recording software. Basically It lacked a Nvidia shadowplay equivalent, at least at first. But even when AMD finally made one it still kind of sucked and wouldn't work with some games. Plus AMD is kind of terrible with drivers. Some times the updated drivers wouldn't work with games that would work fine in the past. You would have to wait for them to fix it. If it was an older game you are basically screwed.

                  My first ever GPU was a GTX 750 Ti I installed in a prebuilt ASUS desktop I bought at Best Buy. So I was kind of spoiled by Nvidia's programs/software. I figured AMD would have everything Nvidia did since they were competitors. Nope, I was wrong.

                  I eventually upgraded to a MSI GTX 1070 Ti last year. It runs much cooler and is much more quiet. It runs all my games fine. It also has the Nvidia recording program I like. Nvidia doesn't have the issues with drivers that AMD seemed to have when I had the 390.

                  With all that being said I am not really on one team or the other. I am not a Nvidia or AMD fanboy. But I do prefer Nvidia cards cause of the reasons listed above. It just sucks that my 1070 came defective though it was brand new sealed in the box. I don't even have my 1070 box. I am still annoyed about that. I shouldn't have shipped it back to MSI in the box but I didn't want it getting damaged. Shipping damage isn't covered in the warranty. Thankfully MSI shipped me a new GPU in about 2 maybe 3 weeks.

                  I understand AMD's place in the market though as a competitor to Nvidia.


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                    NVIDIA has the upperhand in pretty much every regard that makes them marketable. It would be an upset if Navi did better, and I don't see people going for it nearly as much as NVIDIA.