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Daily Poll 132: Will the Switch release in China?

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  • Daily Poll 132: Will the Switch release in China?

    Last Daily Poll was on Super vs Navi:

    Tencent has posted listing for distributing the Switch in China. Tencent and Nintendo have worked together to bring Arena of Valor to the Switch so an official switch launch has been rumored and heavily desired by investors. Will this actually happen or will the Switch remain a greymarket device in China?

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    The Switch will release in China
    The Switch won't release in China
    There isn't enough information for me to decide
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    Most likely it will but I don't see it as that big of a deal as it should be quite expensive due to taxes over entertainment products as due to the fact the Chinese players prefer free to play bullshit


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      There's too much money for them not to. It would be better for us if they didn't though.
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      • Star Magician
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        Do you want Nintendo pandering to the Chinese market, aka government?

      • Balta666
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        I really don't get how that will affect the Western market at all

      • Star Magician
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        If they start developing games with Chinese laws/censorship in mind (this is often what companies mean by "global standards"), they will eventually make them toned down from the start and self-censor everything so that they don't have to make different versions for different regions.

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      I am sure it will release on China.
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        I am interested in seeing how this will work with their negative consequences for spending too much time playing games. Will them playing on the train to work cost them their jobs?
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          I think the Switch will probably be released in the People's Republic.
          Will it pick up any of the mobile or PC market?
          Who cares!
          Fuck them commie assholes!
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            You are running out of ideas for polls, aren't you?
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            • Jokerthefoolio
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              I've been running out of poll ideas for weeks now

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            Hey give him a break. 132 is a lot of polls and these are some of the most active threads. We could start a poll suggestion thread...


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              Nintendo has tried a few times already to get into the Chinese market. They've had the iQue, and they've released remastered Wii games on an Nvidia Shield product specifically for China, and I believe they've given the 3DS a shot. None of them have achieved the acclaim they've wished.

              They've reaffirmed they're still interested in getting into the Chinese market, and considering how much the Switch is selling, it might just be their next attempt.
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                I think it will.
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