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    Let's get something Important out of the way.
    Here are the new Trailers of coming soon and new content for Warframe.

    [ The Next Nightwave event ]

    [ The New Prime Warframe: Wukong Prime ]

    [ The NEW remade intro for Warframe ]

    { The OLD intro of Warframe for the people that are curious, I will leave it as a link. }

    [The New Cinematic Quest. The New War. ]

    [ The Coming Next Year (maybe) Cinematic Quest. The Duviri Paradox (This will come with a brand NEW enemy faction) ]

    [ Empirean Full Gameplay Demo (Space battleship battles) ]

    [ End of Trailers ]

    { If you missed the Tennocon or wish to watch the Tennocon I will leave a link. }
    { THE TL;DR of Tennocon with Tactical Potato. }

    Now first things first, I love the new look on the orbiter (Your house for the people that don't play Warframe). I like the style and I hope we will get even more rooms in the future.
    The New deluxe skins look nice and all, but the only one I liked the most was Excalibur, mostly cause I never liked his default skin. New weapons are always welcome in Warframe.
    New archwing ( Space Dog-fights for the people that don't play Warframe), I always loved archwing even if some people never liked it so more is also always welcome.
    New Warframes Gauss the brother of Volt (another speed Warframe) and Grendel the chubby Warframe.

    The New War will come with new sentients, new tilesets (maps), new weapons, new music, new everything.
    Sadly I am not that exited considering fighting Sentients is not that fun, unless DE tones down the damage resistant absorption they have.

    The Duviri Paradox, I am slightly worried on this cause I am not sure if it means we will stop using Warframes??? Can't say much because Spoilers of the game.

    As for the Nightwave event I have no comment on it, cause I haven't played the first season.
    But if DE is bringing it back it must be good, cause most events made by DE never make a comeback.

    Now let's talk the elephant in the room, Wukong... Prime... Trailer...

    { Jokes aside, it was a nice Tennocon and Nezha is a trap. }

    What do you think of Tennocon 2019?
    Are you exited for the coming content to Warframe?
    If you have never played Warframe, will you give it a try?

    It's a free 2 play game after all. You lose nothing giving it a chance.
    Or you are not interested in Warframe at all?

    All comments are welcome, except Excalibur Prime mains, those are the worst.
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    The TL;DR of Tennocon is up if you wish to know about this 2019 Tennocon with Tactical Potato.

    ( ´・ω・`)_且~ Would you care to join me for a cup of tea?
    Sips Tea Majeeeeestically!