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Daily Poll 135: Are Western AAA publishers catering to China?

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  • Daily Poll 135: Are Western AAA publishers catering to China?

    Last Daily Poll was on a Netflix gaming show. Check it out here:

    Necromancerx69 made a lot of suggestions on the suggestion thread. One of them was if Blizzard was catering to China. I'm going to make it about the Western AAA industry in general since a lot of companies have been doing this. Rainbow Six removing casinos from their game and PUBG getting changed to Game of Peace are two that come to my mind. Blizzard did censor aspects of Hearthstone but it's debatable if these changes were made to the game to cater to Chinese censorship, Blizzard's personal politics or both. I do think these companies do this. A lot of criticism is being thrown at games that take place during historical wars and events that are controversial. Shareholders only car about money so they want to sell to as many people as possible and don't care about the integrity of the product being sold.

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    I think all AAA developers are catering to China
    I think most developers are catering to China
    I think some developers are catering to China
    I think a few developers are catering to China
    I think no AAA developers are catering to China
    I don't know enough information about this topic to decide
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    I dont know, as a solely pc gamer I cant really comment on it. I can believe it though, as the Asian market has not only produced a ton of great games but also dominated western games online. I like market diversity, go Capitalism!
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      I do believe many AAA developers are catering to China if they wish to sell their games over there.
      Sadly many are also abusing that to downgrade video games so they can turn them into mobile milking machines.
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        Never heard of anything regarding it therefore I will go on not enough informed on this one


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          Probably some. I think it's more prevalent they're pandering to identity politics and politically correct culture.


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            I think ultimately, any business wants the largest possible reach, and China's extremely large market is one of those delectable reserves for them. They may or may not be catering towards China, but they are adjusting titles to make it work within the country.

            I still haven't seen anything that makes me really hate it, since I don't care for Blizzard's stuff to begin with. The most I could disagree with is developers reluctantly changing their products because the publishers said so, and I really question whether that's the case anymore.
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              Is this a thread where the politics of the repressive, censorious dictatorship of the government of the People's Republic (what a joke) of China and gaming meet?

              How about another answer for this poll:
              I think no developers, AAA or Indie, should cater to China

              To answer the questions as posed, I think most developers will and do cater to the Chinese.
              Money talks and where can they find a larger market.
              The AAA developers, et all imo, don't give a single, lonely fuck about what kind of government they do business with.

              That's my opinion.
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                I think some of them do... Ubisoft, Blizzard-Activision, Valve and others I can't name off the top of my head. Ubisoft almost did it with censoring of skulls and bones on the soldier's gear and Blizzard recently changing card pictures on Hearthstone cards to appease their chinese overlords.
                Valve threw a pro player under the bus just to appease the chinese netizens' forum outrage.
                And I do not believe even for a second Epic Games is NOT selling their users data to Tencent. Not even for a second.

                I would very much love for western companies to give China a big middle finger, sadly they are willing to sell their artistic integrity and western fan base for a couple of chinese bucks. I just hope I live to see the day that regime falls.


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                  Not all but I think most of the western AAA industry wants to appease the chinese censors, which is why I believe that it would be the best for gaming if china just completely bans games again so no company would be even tempted to cater to them.
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                    fuck those commies, give us back Devotion!
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