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Daily Poll 137: How many games did you buy during the Steam Summer Sale?

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  • Daily Poll 137: How many games did you buy during the Steam Summer Sale?

    Last Daily Poll was on Steam sales declining in quality. Check it out here:

    Another Poll on Steam sales sorry about that. The Summer sale has ended and since I asked you guys how many or few games that you were going to buy. I wanted to do a poll to see how many games you guys bought over the past week and half on steam.

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    I didn't buy any games during the sale
    I bought one game during the sale
    I bought two games during the sale
    I bought three games during the sale
    I bought more than three games during the sale
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  • #2
    3. I got Chrono Trigger, Rust and Rakuen.


    • PotPi
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      Is the PC port of Chrono Trigger as bad as everyone says it is? I know the FFVI one sucks with it's updated sprites and messed up controls.

    • RepentantSky
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      It's not as good as the DS version, but it isn't horrible. The updates they added in after release fixed pretty much everything.

  • #3
    I said I wasn't gonna buy any games, but I couldn't resist. I ended up breaking and getting Supraland (Metroid Prime-like game but with funny stick figures) and Stardew Valley. Haven't had much time to play them yet because of work, but I can't wait!


    • #4
      I didn't even go on steam store during the sale. I don't have to. All their sales for the past 3 years were complete disasters with no significant discounts of any worth. Steam has successfully alienated me as a customer to the point where I don't even bother looking on steam when I want to buy a game.
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      • #5
        I got a lot of games this summer sale. Sure the event was a disaster but I still love summer sales.
        I purchase a lot to the point I might not buy during the Holidays, I will wait till next summer sale cause I first have to finish playing what I have already and what I got during the sale. xD

        [ Also hopefully by next summer sale I will have a better Pc to handle newer games. Cause this Pc potato I have it's on her last legs. ]
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        • #6
          Non, was tempted to buy a couple though. But the discount wasnt that special. Plus the Stranger Things tie in game for season 3 was released at a poor time. Had it been discounted, I would have broke and bought it. But to see it at full price listed alongside the summer sale was just a bad move. If this was Steam 5 years ago, they'd have done a 6 hour window where it was maybe 7.50 not the full 20. While 20 isnt much, the previous ST game I played was shockingly short, so I will hold off for now.
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          • #7
            Bought a few games that were gathering dust on my wishlist all worth <20 euro each. Also picked up lots of dlc that I wanted but were just too expensive before the sale.


            • #8
              A lot. I spent $92 for all of these. All heavily discounted and most less than $10, some less than $1, but it adds up quickly:

              Age of Empires III: Complete Collection
              Borderlands 2
              Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
              Brütal Legend
              Cities: Skylines
              Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
              Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes
              Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
              Counter-Strike: Source
              Day of Defeat
              Day of Defeat: Source
              Deathmatch Classic
              FTL: Faster Than Light
              Galactic Civilizations III
              Half-Life 2
              Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
              Half-Life 2: Episode One
              Half-Life 2: Episode Two
              Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
              Half-Life: Blue Shift
              Half-Life: Opposing Force
              Half-Life: Source
              Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
              Hard Reset
              Hard Reset Redux
              Hard West
              Just Cause 2
              Just Cause 3
              Left 4 Dead
              Pirates! Gold Plus (Classic)
              Project CARS
              Sid Meier's Colonization (Classic)
              Sid Meier's Covert Action (Classic)
              Team Fortress Classic
              The Banner Saga
              Wolfenstein: The Old Blood


              • #9
                I bought 1 game, Hentai Arena Battle Royale for 39 cents.
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                • #10
                  Bought this piece of shit Neptunia shooter game and refunded it (god I hate this series, that's shovelware for weebs), Tales of Vesperia definitive and Valkyria chronicles 4 cause I finished the series recently and I'm still salty 3 didn't got localized (I'm blaming VC2 for it, garbage game)


                  • #11
                    I didn't buy anything, it's a time when people buy many games but play few of them.