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Daily Poll 140: Do you think the Switch Lite is a 3DS replacement?

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  • Daily Poll 140: Do you think the Switch Lite is a 3DS replacement?

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    Nintendo recently announced the Switch Lite and even more recently have announced that the Switch Lite will not be replacing the 3DS. I think this a PR statement so Nintendo can get the last of their 3DS stock sold and make the last profits they can off of the 3DS platform. The Switch is definitely targeting the 3DS market and is intended as a way to enter the Switch ecosystem and become a Nintendo fan at a cheaper price than the flagship hardware. That's just me though what do you guys think?

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    The Switch Lite is a replacement for the 3DS
    The Switch Lite is not a replacement for the 3DS
    I'm unsure if the Switch Lite is not a replacement for the 3DS
    There isn't enough information for me to decide
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    I have a switch and 3Ds. Currently playing games on both. Won't be buying a Lite because that thing is ugly.
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      I think the switch on it self it's already the replacement for the 3DS.
      So the light switch is more a replacement for the switch it self (I still don't find it worth it).
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        No. There is no replacement for the 3DS, per-say. The vast amount of games on the system at launch due to backwards compatibility, and many games that came out from launch until now, is something the Switch can't imitate, and that library became the biggest selling point for the 3DS for it's last several years. Unless the Switch Pro can play Wii-U games physically whenever it comes out, there's no replacement for the 3DS, just an advancement for consoles by Nintendo generally.


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          Originally posted by RepentantSky View Post
          . . . per-say . . .
          Second time this week I've seen "per se" misspelled here in the forums.
          A different users each time.
          A Google search of the term "per-say" [sic] yields per say and many, many entries for per se.

          ON TOPIC
          Doesn't connect to a TV and is the newest hand-held device from Nintendo.

          Oh yeah!
          It's a candidate for the 3DS's replacement.
          How well it sells will, imo, dictate if it does replace the 3DS.
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            All my typos are intentional
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              I think it is, I mean look at the amount of upcoming 3DS games, it's not much and will only decrease.
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                Of course. That's their old handheld, this is their new one. Regular Switch was too. It's how everything has always worked. It's only a question because people made a meme out of Nintendo saying that the 3DS is still a thing, which why wouldn't they say that? If anybody wants to buy it, they'll sell it and older systems have always been a fine option for people.


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                  Yes, the normal Switch was already a replacement for the 3DS and Wii U, as it combines both a home and portable console.
                  The New 3DS was released in 2014, so it already has some mileage. In fact, they have been discontinued in Europe already. There are less and less games for it: This year there were only been three new worldwide releases. Nintendo doubling down on portability pretty much seals the 3DS fate.
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                    As many have already said, the Switch itself is a replacement. A replacement with DETACHABLE controllers which is what makes it a Switch in the first place.

                    The Switch Lite? ... why is it even called a Switch?


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                      The Switch itself was a replacement for both the Wii U and the 3DS. The Switch Lite is a more direct 3DS replacement that targets dedicated handheld users who want a more compact and durable handheld than the standard Switch. Anything from Nintendo stating otherwise cannot be taken at face value. Remember when the Switch was going to be a "third pillar" supporting both the Wii U and 3DS as a third option on the market? We can all see how that worked out. Nintendo has a proven track record of quickly killing off its previous consoles shortly after a viable replacement is released.
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                        Oh most definitely. The Switch already was made as the replacement. They Dominate the hand held market and float in their own bubble in the console market. Might as well shift all resources to one focus and crank out all content there. Cuts down on over head I am sure, but it also allows them to continue their thing. The Switch is already both a hand held and a console. In one go they are in both markets. The Lite had the mobile specific fans of Japan and other countries as their focus. They also don't have to develop two different games now like they had between Wii U and 3DS, one game both markets. I think it's a smart move, the lite isn't for everyone but it has its place without removing the old market (Think PS4 to PS4 Pro). I still hope they release a more hardware focused version though as well. I mostly play docked anyway. Would be great to get a dedicated console that runs at a higher res with better draw distance.


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                          Not a big fan of the Switch lite. I already have a Switch. But I do think it's a replacement for the 3DS. I don't see Nintendo making another handheld or supporting the 3DS for much longer if they haven't dropped support already. I don't ever take my Switch outside anywhere. The portability means I can play games in my lazy boy recliner when I don't feel like playing my PC or hooking the switch up to my monitor and playing it there. Which I have done. But I play my Switch in portable mode 95% of the time.


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                            Switch = playing shitty ports of games you can play on better systems, sometimes long after they are released on those systems. Sorry, the fact that you can play them on the go doesn't impress me

                            3DS = Playing ORIGINAL games MADE FOR THE 3DS as opposed to stripped down, shitty ports of games meant for other systems

                            In summary...FUCK THE SWITCH

                            I'll take a REAL handheld system (PSP, Gameboy Advance, 3DS, and original DS) over a stupid Switch any day of the week. Tons of ORIGINAL content you can find for those systems that actually play to the strengths of those handhelds

                            I am sick and damn tired of stupid, gimmick consoles from Nintendo. What a joke of a company they've become when it comes to this market, a far cry from the awesome company that gave us the original NES and the Super Nintendo. I honestly wish Nintendo would drop out of the console industry entirely and just stick to handhelds and fully commit to that instead of giving us some stupid console/handheld, gimmick like the Switch.

                            Just start working on the 3DS 2 already.


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                              Eventually 3DS owners will move to the Switch or Switch Lite (or wait for a Switch Pro). It is pretty obvious Nintendo is not gonna make a new 3DS or DS type console so this has to be the new home for 3DS owners.