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XBox One games like Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) or Carbon (2006)

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  • XBox One games like Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) or Carbon (2006)

    Recently, my family's XBox 360 died, we had it for many years, and i decided to buy a used Xbox One as a replacement.
    ???My family likes to play splitscreen, so i bought forza 5.
    We all liked the old Need For Speed games more with the destruction when you drive through a gas station, the police pursuits or the automatically refilling nitrous.
    The newer NFS titles for the 360 already had no manual transmission option, which is why we played almost exclusively Most Wanted (2005, the remake already had no manual option) or Carbon.
    Sadly, you cannot play NFS games for the 360 on the XBox One.

    What games can you recommend us?
    A dope single player game like NFS Undercover or Forza Horizon 3 (we already have both) would be cool too.
    Thank you in advance

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    i agree with the manual gearbox, less arcadey games come with a manual option now. i know its not the same thing, but, have you tried Split / Second ? a amazing amount of fun to be had in that game [no manual option] or GRID 2 ? [with manual option]
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      ah, Carbon. I love the muscle cars in that one. The PC version is also pretty good because the controls are arcadey enough to work perfectly fine with a digital keyboard as opposed to a gamepad or wheel. The best thing is that you can bind the clutch and every gear to their own keys on the keyboard for maximum control of your drivertrain.

      About recommendations, I can't recommend anything except that you should avoid the PS4 "Need for Speed" game at all costs. It's unplayable because for some reason the controls have like a quarter second input delay.